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Easter Weekend In Photo’s :)















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Sunshine Award

Cassi from Davis To Dixie nominated me for the Sunshine Award. How nice. :)

sunshine award

What is the Sunshine award: In Cassi’s words it is basically: to recognize bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.

So what did I have to do?

1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.
3. Post 10 interesting things about yourself.
 Nominate some fellow deserving bloggers for the award.

5. Link your nominees in the post and let them know about their nomination with a comment.

10 Things About Me:

1. I couldn’t sleep alone until I was a teenager. 
2. I hated peanut butter as a child and now I can’t get enough!
3. I was more confident with my image/weight at 13 than I am now.
4. I miss high school.
5. My mom is my best friend.
6. Relax Riesling is my favorite wine.
7. But I like beer more.
8. I work out 5 days a week, and have fun on the weekends.
9. I am loving almond butter more and more.
10. I wear too much black.

So if I nominate you, you will have to do the same! Good luck and congrats. :)

My nominees:

 1. Lizzie Fit
2. A Dash Of Meg
3. Diary Of An Ex Sloth
4. The Real Life RD
5. The Little Honey Bee

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WIAW (But Really Tuesday…)

Hey guys! I am back for another WIAW post! All thanks to Peas & Crayons for hosting! I don’t know what it is about WIAW posts that I love so much.. Maybe it is because I am obsessed with food, eating, cooking, and knowing what everyone else has been eating? Yeah, maybe that is why I find them so interesting? Yeah, that must be it. ;)

love cook eat


Do you go shopping on Saturday and buy a bunch of yummy food? Then.. prepare it on Sunday to get ready for the week?! Do you also start writing down a bunch of yummy food that you didn’t get, but thought about AFTER you got back from the store?! Yeah, that happens to me all the time. Believe me.. I buy enough food to last me 3828 years. But there is always a bunch of food I forget. OR it is because I start looking at WIAW posts and WANT everything that I see…

Such as cottage cheese with chives, chocolate/raspberry chocolate bars, rice cakes, melon dew, turkey, blueberry bagels…. Yeah, I need to stop. :-P

blueberry bagel

Well anyways, here is what I ate yesterday (Tuesday.) :-P Enjoy!!

If you haven’t checked out my last post: March 2014 Music Playlist: Country Edition, well then check it out! ;) Let me know if there is any special “edition” you would like me to cover. If not, well then, just enjoy! Thanks y’all! :)

First things first… Coffee! You all know this.

Anything better than this? I don’t think so. 

My typical breakfast has been scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil and either toast or an english muffin!


Honest to god guys, I LOVE this breakfast. It is delicious and EXTREMELY filling. However, I will admit I REALLY look forward to my Saturday morning donuts. Guilty…

choc frosted


Lunch time! I think it is my favorite meal of the day. Besides donuts of course. ;)
This is my typical lunch, as I have mentioned before. Veggies, hummus, 2 whole grain wraps, peanut butter (and sometimes jelly,) and yogurt!


 Some other snacks that I will munch on throughout the day include: fruit, raisins, apple sauce, almonds or type of chip! Yum.


I have been drinking coffee twice a day again. Right before I go to the gym. I kicked that habit, but then it resurfaced. :/ How often do you drink coffee? Do you think twice a day is unhealthy?



A big ole salad with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, hot peppers, celery, carrots, tomatoes, black olives, and sun dried tomatoes!

An onion bagel with laughing cow light swiss cheese and chicken!

Semi sweet chocolate chips and whole milk for dessert! (unpictured)



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March 2014 Music Playlist: Country Edition

I don’t know what has gotten into me. I am on a country kick- and it will not leave! Here is your March 2014 Music Playlist- Country Edition!


1. Dan + Shay – 19 You + Me
2. Naughty Boy – La La La
3. NONONO – Pumpin Blood
4. Jack Johnson- Shot Reverse Shot
5. Cole Swindell- Chillin It
6. Sara Evans- Slow Me Down
7. Blake Shelton- Boys ‘Round Here
8. Miranda Lambert- Automatic

country9. Eric Paslay- Friday Night
10. Zac Brown Band- Goodbye In Her Eyes 
11.  Randy Houser- Goodnight Kiss
12. Rascall Flatts- Rewind
13. Rodney Atkins- Take A Back Road
14. Little Big Town- Sober
15. Lady Antebellum- We Owned The Night
16. Sara Evans- Slow Me Down
17. Keith Urban- Long Hot Summer
18. Lee Brice- A Woman Like You
19. The Band Perry- Done
20. Brantley Gilbert- Bottoms Up


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24 lessons in 24 Years

I know I know, a lot of people make these posts on their birthday. But it is such a great idea. I couldn’t help myself and I hope you guys enjoy it!

24 Things I have learnt in my 24 years:

1. Be present, or at least try to be.
2. No one has it all figured out.
3. Ask, don’t assume.
4. Be kind.
5. Confidence is attractive.
6. So is a smile (see #5.)
7. Listen more, speak less.
8. Give everyone a chance,  but don’t befriend everyone.
9. You can’t trust all. Watch yo-self.
10. Sing more often. Even if you have a horrible singing voice.
11. Shower with a beer in hand more often.
shower beer
12. Fear- less (often.)
13. If he doesn’t give you goose bumps, he just isn’t the one. Be patient.
14. Use a pen and paper more often.
15. Say Thank You & I Love You on a daily basis.
16. Just. Say. No.
17. Agree to disagree.
18. Listen to music often. It is good for your soul.
19. Treat yo self every damn day.
20. Do not look at your bank account while you are eating lunch. It just ruins the moment.
21. People lie. Don’t be one of those people.
22. Be happy for people. Even if you have a perfectly good reason not to be.
23. Learn to be alone.

24: You can never, ever win. Mom makes cupcakes: why do you do this to me? They are so bad for me! Mom doesn’t make cupcakes: Mom… there is nothing for dessert.
Life is short. Spend it happy.
Happy/Go Lucky Song= Dan+Shay 19 You+Me- Enjoy. :)

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WIAW: Birthday Edition!

I am back for another WIAW: Birthday Edition! Guess who is 24 tomorrow?! Yikes. :) 
24th bday
Lets get started shall we…

We all know I started my day with..

Coffee (un pictured.) You know what my coffee looks like! I have been drinking it with milk only. Hey.. it is better than accidentally using salt instead of sugar. This has happened 1 to many times. So, why not just eliminate it all together. ;)
coffeee Muffin… (un pictured..) I ate it to fast. Sorry!
muffinI just love muffins…

This has been my typical lunch for the most part.
Veggies, hummus, apple sauce, and PB&J roll ups!
wrap wrap2

Dessert. Oreo (x2.) Spring edition! Pretty yellow inside.

Afternoon snack before my workout: Grapes, more hummus, cheddar chips, and two more oreos with peanut butter!
springpeanut butter

My dinner was delicious too!
Salad, pasta with feta, shock top beer (x2.)
relaxx perfect night
salad2 pasta

Dessert. Mini Sundae. I made brownies! Ooops.
Some extras from my birthday week!
Amazing crepes from Chiggy’s!!

Head on over to Peas & Crayons to see what other Healthy Living Bloggers are enjoying!

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Budget & Save

I recently created a post on the More Than Wheels Care2 Blog. I thought I would share it with all of you! Enjoy.

planning the budget
Planning a budget isn’t always fun or easy. However, we are all in this together! We ALL need budgeting tips considering most of us spend and earn money on a daily basis.

1. Look For sales.
It takes time to look outside the box for sales and specials. However, it can benefit your wallet. Some stores announce weekly and monthly sales on their website. If there is a staple on sale, buy it, you will use it eventually! Even meat! Freeze it for future use. Check out your local stores and take advantage of the sale.

2. Learn To Cook
You don’t need to go out for lunch and dinner every single day. You would be surprised at how many people do! Making snacks, and homemade lunches can help you save money! Be creative. PB&J have been my favorite snack and lunch lately! It is a lot healthier too.


3. Make a Plan And Stick To It
A little budgeting and planning goes a long day. The hard part is sticking to said plan! Ask anyone. You may go into the store, look at something, and put it into your basket. However, with a list, you go in for a certain number of items and come out with said items. Instead of impulse buying!
4. Keep A Coin Jar
Money adds up, and so does spending! If you keep a coin jar and slowly add to it you can save up a good junk of change! This could lead to your next family vacation, a new wardrobe, or maybe just a nice dinner out on the town.
coin jar
5. Organize, organize, organize.
I can’t preach enough how important it is to organize! Whether it is a spreadsheet, binder, or on your phone. Whatever works for you is better than nothing at all. It will help you to visualize what is coming in and what is going out. You will be surprised as to how much better your money situation can be with a little tender, love and care! As our Senior Client Consultant, Kristi White, has mentioned, spend an hour with your money once a week. :)
organize money 3

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February 2014 Playlist!

It is that time again. Your new February Music Playlist! My playlist is always changing and I try to keep it upbeat, since most of the time I listen to it is at work or at the gym.


Everyone likes new music recommendations right?!

cute girl with music

Like in January, some songs may be old and some will be new! I am always “shazaming” songs. If I like the song, I find it and add it to my phone! :-D


So without further ado, here is my February go-to playlist for the gym! As always, feel free to share your favorite songs/playlists. I need to keep my music updated/fresh or I go crazy!

here i go crazy

February 2014 Playlist:

1. Avicii- Hey Brother
2. Jason Derulo- Talk Dirty
3. The Proclaimers- I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
4. Lube Fiasco- Old School Love
5. Pharrell Williams- Happy
6. John Newman- Love Me Again
7. Aloe Blacc- The Man
8. The 1975- Chocolate
9. Safetysuit- Stay
10. Lorde- Royals (The Weekend Remix)
11. Avril Lavigne- Let Me Go
12. Usher- Yeah
13. Cash Cash- Take Me Home
14. Eagle Eye Cherry- Save Tonight
15. Busta Rhymes- Thank You
16. Bastille- Pompeii
17. Closer- Tegan & Sara
18. Demi Lovato- Neon Lights
19. Passenger- Let Her Go
20. Cher Lloyd- I Wish
21. Kari Kimmel- Where You Belong

keep calm jiggy

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WIAW: Goodbye February!

Hello everyone! I am back with a WIAW post! All thanks to Peas & Crayons!

So long Februaryyyy!

How is everyone doing? Sick of the snow yet? I am jealous of all you southerners! However, I really don’t mind the snow!! :-P It has been through the roof though! The snow just won’t stop!!

oh winter

How pretty is it though?!

Eats 1:
Coffee to start, of course! I need that caffeine!
Then I enjoyed some chex cereal, vanilla almond milk, and apple sauce! That filled me up for a little while. ;)

Eats 2:

hommusI started off my afternoon with some brand new hommus and veggies. I love this flavor! mmmm.
A great way to get your veggies in! Pair it with some delicious hommus! I also dipped some pretzels into the hommus! Scrumptious!
For a little treat afterwards I paired some peanut butter with a few whole grain fig newtons! It hit the spot.
nut butter figgy

Last but no least, apple sauce! Yum. I like this flavor!
apple sauce

Eats 3: (not pictured)
I had a few more whole grain fig newtons and peanut butter before hitting the gym!

Eats 4:
dinner dinner2
dinner 3 dinner4 dinner5
After the gym I made a quick, healthy and delicious meal! I grilled two eggs and placed them on a whole grain wrap! The wrap also included a wedge of the laughing cow bleu cheese. I paired the wrap with some re fried beans, corn, spanish olives and apple sauce! Yes, it was a very random meal! But it hit the spot!

Meal 5: (unpictured)
I needed a little something before hitting the pillow. I wish I didn’t, however, I had a long leg-day workout and probably just needed a little more fuel! I enjoyed some more whole grain fig newtons and peanut butter. A little something sweet and filling! I also made sure to drink a whole nalgene after my dinner. I probably fill this thing 6 times a day. No joke! Be sure to drink your water people! It is essential! :)

I also wanted to include some of my favorite eats/drinks for the month of February since I don’t do a WIAW post every week. :)

Favorite treat:
fav food 1
Richardson’s Ice Cream from the Puritan Back Room! Mocha chip and moose tracks ice cream. Whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Sprinkles or Jimmies people? What do you call them?!

Favorite meal:
fav meal!!
Breakfast at my parents! So. So. So. good. Yes, it deserved 3 so’s. Crepes, eggs, potatoes, and bacon. This was better than any restaurant!

Favorite drink:
fav drink yum!!
A few weeks ago I split a scorpion bowl with my aunt! It was a great time sharing a delicious drink! The bowls are so cute/creative. I wish I had one to enjoy cereal in! LOL.

Well there you have it! My eats for (yesterday) and a few extra details about my eats for the month! Make sure you head on over to Peas & Crayons to check out more WIAW posts! :)

sleep love eat

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WIAW: Goodbye January!


It is the last week in January! Can you believe it? Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

It is has been a brutal month of cold, hopefully that is behind us! I am ready for spring.


What are your tips for staying warm in the single digits? The only thing I can suggest is investing in a nice winter jacket. Although the one I have cost me an arm and a leg, it keeps me so warm. Makes the cold so much more bearable! I promise you, you won’t regret it! We live in New England people, get a warm jacket already!


Or just find other ways to stay warm…
… LOL.

Well.. Without further ado.. here is what I ate. :)



Coffee. Duh.

Unfortunately, breakfast hasn’t been the healthiest.. My mom’s homemade muffins are just too good!


Pasta! Sorry for the weird photo!


Snacked on some almond butter….

Trail mix…

And some crackers!

After work, my workout consisted of cardio, chest/triceps, and stretching!



Joseph’s Egg Wrap w/ Bleu Cheese!

Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Chips! I heard there are some new flavors out?!

Dessert was a little ice cream with chocolate chips. No picture. :(

Thanks for reading! Head on over to Peas & Crayons to read more WIAW posts!


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