Creating a happy, stress-free lifestyle is another important part of my life. A family member was diagnosed as clinically depressed & bi polar ever since I could remember. It happened when I was just a baby.

Therefore, my family life and home life has been anything but ordinary. But what household doesn’t have their issues and struggles?

However, it left me fear most of life that something would happened to me or I would end up down the same road. It didn’t help that I struggled with separation anxiety and parents didn’t help but to give in to the behavior and actually make it worse. But they had no idea, they just wanted to see me happy!

Later down the road I find out I have a mild case of OCD. But who doesn’t right? And to make it to my favorite number (3) you can read My Story and learn about the case of mild distorted eating. As you can imagine, all three of these issues all wrap into one. I have to live my life in fear of gaining weight, losing the ones I love, and repetitively thinking about it. However,It seems when my stress level is high all cases are much more extreme. I do pretty well with hiding it my anxiety and I learn each and everyday what I can do to create ease in my life.

Creating this blog and FOCUSING my energy, fears and obsessions is all I can do. FOCUSING it all into something productive and harmless will create something much more meaningful then any medication can do. Medication is just a band aid and will always ease the pain temporally. But becoming strong, believing in yourself and creating something will last a lifetime. That is something I have learnt through the years of suffering and researching on my own to learn the answers.

I am a firm believer of alternative medicine and believe one can heal themselves with a healthy, all natural lifestyle. I have seen first hand what can happen when one depends too much on medication. My dad for instant is taking.. well.. I don’t even want to say because it frustrates me so much. I try my hardest to help him the best way I can but the one suffering has to believe and want to get better on their own.

Creating a healthy diet, sweating, and making time for yourself are alternative approaches to medication and are the only ones that are healthy to depend on. Why not save a crap load of money and just do it.

As a result, I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to further my education in health, wellness, and nutrition. I am currently a certified Holistic Health Professional. To receive any type of service from me, you can best contact me here:

Phone Number: 603-264-7084

Health Coaching Video: Click  here

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