Lately 2.22.15-2.28.15

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week!

Did anyone do anything fun this weekend?

It was a busy week and I was just happy to relax! There is nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday and Sunday with your man. Then having a nice slow morning with Coffee, Pancakes, and Disney Channel! Ahhh Perfection. :-)

I managed to get a lot done this week. Including organizing our closet. I also bought a big bin at Target to store all of my Holiday Decorations!

i love bins
(I Love Bins And Organizing!)

i love him
(Isn’t He The Cutest?!)

Chris always knows when I am in a yucky mood. He is so loving, supportive and caring  when this happens and I can’t thank him enough! He’s the best.

This was Friday morning’s breakfast. It was perfection. I was so famished and this hit the spot!

perfection so happy
(Pumpkin Oatmeal, Hot Coffee With Coconut Creamer, Green Vega One Smoothie!)

I prepare dinner every night for one of my families that I Nanny for!

hunts taco night
(Hunt’s House: Taco Night)

perfect guac
(Perfect Guacomole!)

too funny
(At Seven Years Old, She Already Knows How Life Works, YOLO ;) Too Funny!)

This was my dinner on Thursday Night.

(Salad With Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing, And Two Leftover Sweet Potato And Black Bean Enchiladas With Hot Sauce On Top!)

I finally took one picture of part of my lunch! Just a small part though. :(

salad lunch
(Part Of Friday’s Lunch: Salad With Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing!)

My salads use to be double this size. But I realized that I was over doing it. I love Pyrex!

cute dog
(Cutest Dog Ever!)

Friday Night I worked from 645 AM-830 AM then 1PM-11PM. It was a long day/night. I was so happy to get home and snuggle with Chris.

no make up
(Selfie Of Course, No Make Up!)

(Being Silly With Isabel On Tuesday!)

I hope I took enough pictures this week!

Who watches The Bachelor? Who do you think will win? Whitney or Becca. I am definitely team Whitney! :-) Even though she can be a little much and overly optimistic, I think she fits best with Chris!

My Weekend Dinners Were As Follows:

Saturday: Homemade Pizza

Sunday: Homemade Stuffed Shells

I think it is safe to say I like Italian. :)

I finally bought Salmon at Whole Foods! It is already cleaned and has the skin cut off! All I have to do is season it and pop it in the oven! I can’t wait to make some this coming week! :)

What are you prepping and cooking this week?

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday! I will see you next week.


This Month’s New Music: February 2015 Music Playlist

Happy February! Man has it been a cold, snowy Winter. Hang in there guys, we are almost done! Spring time is near. :-)

so pretty

I can’t wait for Spring weather!

spring 2014 spring 2014..
(Spring 2014)

If you aren’t caught up with my Music, check out January’s New Music Playlist! :-)


Ok, lets get right to the Music! I hope you all enjoy February’s 2015 New Music Playlist! :-) See you all in March. ;)

February 2015 Music Playlist:
1. David Nail “Kiss You Tonight”
2. Nick Jonas “Jealous”
3. Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do”
4. Sam Hunt “Take Your Time”
5. A Thousand Horses “Smoke”

Thank you for reading! I will see you next month! :)


Lately 2.15.15-2.21.15

Happy Sunday Everyone! :-) Who is watching the Oscars tonight? I wish it was on a Friday or Saturday. It ends so late! I love who they chose for a Host this year (Neil Patrick Harris!)

How was your week?!

I feel like snow is the only constant we have had this winter! Will it ever end??

so pretty
(So Beautiful Though!)

Again, I am sorry. I rarely take pictures of my lunch. :( I don’t know why.

Although, I have some delicious dinners to share!

(Here We Have Sweet Potato Mashed Potatoes, Avocado And Chicken Wrap, And Steamed Veggies!)

(Going Along With The Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Here We Have Sweet Potato Chinese Pie! Yum, Who Wants The Recipe?)

sunday dinner
(This Was Our Dinner Last Sunday. A Treat of Chicken Parm! With A Salad On The Side. So Filling And Delicious!)

coffee cups
(Valentine’s Day Mugs!)

It was February Vacation for the kids I nanny for. One day we went sledding!

(It Was Great!)

(Treats I Made For One Of My Families, Homemade Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Butter Balls!)

Here are a few treats I prepped for the next couple of weeks!

(Favorite Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies!)

banana bread
(Banana Bread!)

typical sunday
(What My Kitchen Looks Like On A Sunday :))

(Bear And I At The Movies!)

homemade face mask
(Homemade Facemask Made With Oats, Almonds, And Banana!)

What has been on your mind the last week? I had a little too much sugar/sweets the past week, which kind of upsets me. But I will get over it! Lol

Tell me everything that went on for you this past week!


Lately 2.8.15-2.14.15

Hey everyone! Happy Valentines Day/LONG Weekend! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves! I know I sure am.



If you haven’t seen my last Lately post you can do so here! That is an order! :)

Yesterday Chris and I had breakfast at Cracker Barrel! Yay for gift cards. Then we treated ourselves to a nice dinner and movie. It was great to celebrate with my man!

vday present(This Was Chris’s Gift. It is so Cute!)

What did you all do for Valentine’s Day?

(I See You!)

I had my usual eats this week, nothing new over here.

perfection(Green Smoothie With Vega, Pumpkin Oatmeal With Peanut Butter, Coffee.)

(There Is Nothing Better Than This!)

Now I am hungry. :(I also enjoyed oats in a jar! It’s just perfect.

bye pb
(Pumpkin Oatmeal With Peanut Butter!)

(Pumpkin Oatmeal With Peanut Butter, Green Smoothie, Coffee, And A Long Spoon!)

What did you guys have for breakfast this week?

My lunches include Salad, Fruit, Protein, Healthy Fats, Carbs and Coffee. I never take pictures! I am sorry.

Dinners were okay. I need more inspiration and ideas for dinner!

I made this meal on Tuesday for one of the Families I Nanny for!

hunts dinner
(Grilled Chicken, Steamed Kale, And Roasted Sweet Potatoes.)

They are trying to eat healthier. Cooking a healthy meal, desserts and healthy snacks for another Family is such a great way to incorporate my passion for nutrition into my day job!

I enjoyed one of my favorite dinners this week!

i eat a lot
(Sweet Potato, Black Bean, And Corn Burritos With Homemade Guacamole On Top!)

I enjoyed another amazing dinner on Wednesday which was also homemade!

i love homemade pizza
(Homemade Pizza!)

perfect meal
(A Salad On The Side.)

so cute
(Currently On My Wish List!)

(Currently Addicted To This Game!)

i want to make these!!
(I Want NEED To Make These!!!)

Well that is all I have for you this week. Man weeks just fly by! I will see you all next week!

leave me alone
(Just Leave Me Alone! LOL)


Lately 2.1.15-2.7.15

Hey guys!! How was your week? Did it fly by like mine? Time goes by SO FAST. It is insane.

Breakfast this morning was my favorite! Apples, Sweet Potato Panfries with Onion, and Pumpkin Pancakes with Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter and Pure Maple Syrup!

best pb

breakfast morning

Question… How would you feel if someone did this to you?


I would be pretty disgusted!!! LOL

Ok I have something to tell you.


I am being naughty tonight. :(

Chris and I are ordering Pizza.


Chris has a giftcard and I have been good all week. I need a night where I am not cooking and I am eating GOOD food!

I will enjoy it and I will try not to have any guilt. :)

Okay on to the recap of the week!

Sunday I got in a great workout before the big game!

happpy sunday workout!

I even ran on the treadmill! I had a great amount of energy for some reason.

Did you all watch the Super Bowl? How amazing was that game? It was actually enjoyable to watch! :) But this is how I felt by the end of it…

after the super bowl

It was a school night and my schools weren’t cancelled yet! Chris got lucky and they cancelled class for him around half time. :-)

I wanted to eat all the Buffalo Dip…

i want all the dip

What was your favorite dish at your Super Bowl party? Or dish you made for the game? I love anything Buffalo!! YUM

A snow day on Monday calls for a GOOD breakfast.

a casual slow morning!

You can’t go wrong with Coffee, a Green Smoothie, Pumpkin Pancakes, Peanut Butter, and Pure Maple Syrup!

Then a great workout!

gym sessions

Still pondering on whether or not I want to join an actual gym or stick to the free gym at my apartment complex! Hmm… opinions anyone?

Thankfully the rest of the week was normal. There has been SO many snow storms recently. Will it ever stop?!

why more snow, why

To answer that question, no it will never end. We are getting another big storm Sunday into Monday. I just want to cry!! The snow days not only screw with me but with the kids too. Grrrr. (I nanny for those who don’t know.)

On a positive note, I made a delicious dinner on Monday! I love having a night free to cook a yummy dinner.

Sweet Potato Nachos! 

(Sweet Potato Nachos)

The Sweet Potato Nachos were probably the best dinner this week. I made Veggie Wraps one night.

lame dinner

They were okay but not very filling!

Other dinners consisted of assorted vegetables and Avocado Wraps!

Breakfast was the usual. I didn’t switch it up at all!

its perfect

Okay you got me.

the usual

I switched up the dishes and Nut Butter! :-)

What did you have for Breakfast this week?

On a different note, who loves chocolate?!

who loves chocolate

The only thing I have prepped for next week so far is Peanut Butter Balls. I do groceries every two weeks. Although, I did have to restock a few things today. Such as Almond Milk and Sweet Potatoes. Therefore, I did a lot of the prepping last week!

Check out these Peanut Butter Balls! So healthy and delicious.

chocolate 3

chocolate 1

chocolate 2

Chris and I want to eat them all!!! I only made half a batch. That should last us a day or two. ;)

I will most likely make a Banana Bread tomorrow and maybe one other snack of some sort! What are you all prepping for the week ahead? :-)

silly cat!

Alright, that is all I have for you guys this week! Maybe next week will be more exciting. I hope you all stay positive during the work week, and the weekend will be back before you know it! :-)


Lately 1.25.15-1.31.15

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Is everyone ready for the SUPER BOWL?! I heard on the radio the other day that the Super Bowl should be a National Holiday. Who agrees? I don’t think it should go that far.. LOL But my boyfriend would disagree. :-)

Who is in charge of cooking at your Super Bowl party or get together? I get to go to someone else’s house which is nice! However, I am bringing one dish, Black Bean Chili Dip! Thank You Angela! I also have to thank Angela for these yummy cookies I made yesterday.

double chocolate cookies

These will be such a yummy treat for the next week. :-)

I also made another batch of these granola bars. They were just so good. I hope they are just as good as last time. :-)

made another batch of these because they were so good

Food prep is the best.

Are you wondering what else I prepped for the week!? Well if not, too bad! I am going to tell you anyway. :-)

A Marbled Banana Bread from one of my favorite food bloggers, Robyn!

marbled banana bread

It is delicious. Be Jealous!

A new kind of trail mix.

trail mix for two weeks

This one has pistachios. I already miss the pecans though!

I prepped the same old veggies as I prepped last week. Except, I forgot GREEN PEPPERS. I am so sad. Green Peppers are one of my favorite veggies, especially to cook with! :(


Good ole celery. A vegetable most people don’t like!

i just cleaned... -(

My kitchen got so messy. :( It only stays clean for so long.

Did you all do your food prep for the week? If so, what did you prep?

Honestly, this week was SO LONG. Even though I had a snow day on Tuesday because of Juno.


The blizzard of 2015!


FYI, we are expecting another 12 inches on Monday. Help me!!

winter wonderland

I know, I know. It is pretty!

On the bright side, I managed to get a run in on Monday.

ran outside on mon

Outside for a change! :-)

The rest of the workouts for the week were in the small gym at my apartment complex. :/

I ate this for breakfast all week.

perfect 2

I switch up the nut butters and I am totally satisfied. :-)


I am always finding green dots around my apartment.


Guess how many bananas I picked up at the store?

got bananas

Yeah, it is kind of embarrassing LOL.

My lunches for the week consisted of Salad, Fruit and Homemade Snacks. Dinner’s varied from Homemade Pizza, Homemade Vegetable Burritos and Thai Pasta! I really lacked taking photos of lunch and dinner! Sorry. :-( What is your favorite thing to have for lunch and dinner?


Christmas Morning 2014


Selfie! :-)

Yesterday was a busy day. I went grocery shopping, food prep, made a healthy dinner since Friday night Chris and I went out and you know I won’t be too healthy today! :-) Wings and beer will be consumed! But that is what weekends are for right?? :-)

much needed beer fri

Much needed beer on Friday night!

Oh guess what…

im engaged guys ;) JK!

I am engaged!!! JUST KIDDING. :-) This was all Chris’s idea. ;-)

Lastly, what is the best thing you ate this past week?

best breakfast in the world

I would have to say this. It has all my favorites! Apple, sweet potato fries with peppers and onions, pumpkin pancakes and peanut butter! DELICIOUS!

Well, it was great talking to you guys! I missed you. I know this looks creepy.

dream house

I don’t know who lives here. LOL But this house is perfect! I love the porch and garage.

I hope you all have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday. Eat a lot of yummy food and don’t stop until you fall over and can’t breath. Just kidding! Please don’t LOL. Just eat enough to feel satisfied! :-)

I will talk to you all next week. If you haven’t read my last Lately post, you can do so here! Same goes for my lastest Music Playlist post! :)


Lately 1.18.15-1.24.15

Well hello again. It feels like we were just here, talking about our week! Time flies when you are busy. What is new with everyone?? Please share!

girl day dreaming

It has been another great week of eats! I don’t know about you but sometimes I have doubts.

PB and Banana
(PB And Banana For The Football Game!)

Doubts about myself and food. That I am not doing enough, eating healthy enough, including enough fruits and vegetables and eating too much chocolate and peanut butter.

It makes me upset that I think this way! I compare myself to other food bloggers and try to live up to their standards.

i love oatmeal
(I LOVE Oatmeal!)

But I try to remember that we all have our own style.

own style

I will pick up amazing tips and ideas from other food bloggers.

But I will not be perfect. I will not do exactly what everyone else is doing. I will have my own rules, ideas, and bad days. And it is going to be okay. :)


The more I try to restrict myself, the worse I will feel.

My Kind Of Pizza
(Monday Night Pizza! Wheat Pizza Dough, Hunt’s Red Sauce, Fresh Whole Mozzarella Cheese, And Pepper And Onion On One Side For Bae! I had A Side Salad! This Is My Kind Of Pizza. I Love The Whole Mozzarella Cheese!)

I wish I could be more like my boyfriend, Chris, and my mom. They try to eat healthy. However, they don’t obsess about it. They balance it all out and their diets don’t have to be perfect!

Bae's Smoothie
(Bae’s Smoothie)

My Smoothie
(My Smoothie)

Perfection In A Cup
(Perfection In A Cup)

It stinks because on most days I want to be a full blown plant loving vegan. I think that is the most attractive diet, in my eyes. The food that is involved is amazing, it is SO healthy for your body, and to top it all off you are doing GREAT for our planet and animals.

Then on some days I wonder why I am so passionate and obsessed with eating healthy. Is it for the wrong reasons? Do I know enough about nutrition to proclaim myself as a healthy food blogger, or am I just a amateur? I question it all.

Homemade Dressing
(Homemade Honey Mustard Dressing)

dinner night 2
(Steamed Kale, Broccoli, And Homemade Sweet Potato, Corn And Black Bean Enchiladas!)

We all just need to remember that life isn’t perfect. I started out this Nutrition journey as a PASSION. I have done hours of my own research, and still do. As well as educating myself with The Institute For Integrative Nutrition! I am not a expert nor will I ever be. But I love learning, experimenting and sharing my passion with others and I WILL continute to do this for a long time!

Popcorn for The Bachelor
(Homemade Popcorn- Popped In Coconut Oil! Great Snack For The Bachelor On Monday Night!)

There a lot of things I wish I was better at. (Writing, photography, running, cooking, creating recipes, baking, etc.) But it all takes practice.

yes i did this!
(I Drew This For A Friend’s Birthday. I Am Happy With It! It Is A Work In Progress But It Is Something I Am Proud Of. I Hope She Likes It!)

Food is fuel. Food is fun. Food is sentimental. I love that we all have different preferences when it comes to food. My mom loves her meat. She makes a mean Chili, Baby Back Ribs, Breaded Chicken, Meatballs, etc. We don’t always agree on food but when we do, we have a great time in the kitchen! We have made a lot of different dishes together including a yummy Strawberry Rhubarb Jam and different pasta dishes including chickpeas! I love being in the kitchen with my mom. My favorite time in the kitchen with my mom is in the early morning. We enjoy our coffee and prepare a big yummy breakfast for the family. This includes sweet potatoes, bacon, and my famous scrambled eggs!

dinner night 3
(Frozen Steamed Brussel Sprouts, Soooooooooo Good And Gnocchi With A Ton Of Vegetables And Red Sauce!)

I want to be vegan. But I also know that a little Mozzarella, Chicken and Eggs won’t hurt me too much. I do what I can and a lot of people may not understand my perspective on food. But again, that is okay!

Finished Product
(Homemade Spicy Chicken Quesadillas! With A Side Of Guacamole. Would You Like The Recipe?)

My Cute Boy
(How Cute Is He?!)

Who knows, in one year I could have a totally different perspective on food. Years ago people were afraid of fat and still ate wheat. Now, people love fat and don’t like wheat! Things change.

patiently waiting for bananas
(Patiently Waiting For These Bananas To Become REALLY Ripe!)

Great Breakfast
(A Favorite Weekend Breakfast Of Mine!)

Overall, I think I can give myself a break. Maybe obsess a little less. Learn what I can and take what I can from it. Then share my knowledge with others. If others feel differently and have a different perspective, that is okay! Everything little thing will be alright.

perfect morning
(Coffee And A Green Smoothie.)

I needed more protein powder. I decided to run over to Whole Foods after work on Friday and guess what? Vega was having a 3 day sale and their products were 40% off! I was SO happy!

So, what have we learnt? Have your veggies…..

Yummy Snack
(Tea, Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s And Peanut Butter For A Pretty Little Liars Snack On Tuesday Night!)

…… and have your treats too!! Tomorrow is another day to get it right. :) I promise you!

Question for you:

Please don’t be shy, share some love with me. :)

If there was ONE food you couldn’t live without, what would it be? What about ONE meal?

See you next week! If you haven’t seen my Lately Post from last week, check it out here!