Lately 10.25.15-10.31.15

It is Halloween week! Read last week’s Lately post here!

This Halloween Chris and I enjoyed quality time together at the house. We bought Legends of the Hidden Temple T-Shirts (back-up costumes!) We originally wanted to stay at home, watch a Halloween movie and eat Chinese food.

chinese food

However, we ended up wanting to get out of the apartment. We ended up having dinner at Olive Garden and then going to a bar for a drink! It was a great night. :-)

olive garden

I also have a recipe for you today! I had this sandwich this past week and it was SO GOOD I had to share! 

hell yes
(It is a little different than this picture!)

Turkey Bacon Club
Ingredients:  (Makes One Sandwich) 
3 slices of whole wheat bread 
3 pieces of bacon
1 slice of roasted turkey 
2 pickles (sandwich slice) 
1 slice of tomato
Romain lettuce 
Salt & pepper 

Place a paper towel on a plate and heat up 3 slices of bacon as directed. While that is cooking toast 3 slices of whole wheat bread.

Once the bread has been toasted spread a thin layer of mayo on each one. 

Prepare your tomato, lettuce, and pickles for the sandwich. Make sure the tomato is sliced thin, the pickles are dried off, and the lettuce is chopped. 

Spread out the 3 slices of toast. On your first piece of bread place the sliced tomato then top with salt and pepper. After the tomato place 1 slice of turkey and two pickle slices. After the pickle slices comes the second piece of bread. On top of the second piece of bread place 3 slices of bacon and top those with salt and pepper. Last but not least, top your bacon with chopped lettuce and your third piece of toasted bread! 

There you go, the BEST Turkey Bacon Club you will ever have! ;) Enjoy! 

See you next week! 


This Month’s New Music: October 2015 Music Playlist

Check out last week’s Music Playlist here!

Here is this week’s Music Playlist! Enjoy!


1. Shania Twain “That Don’t Impress Me Much” 
2. Jake Owen “The One That Got Away” 
3. LANY “Bad, Bad, Bad”
4. Luke Bryan “Strip It Down”
5. Parmalee “Already Callin’ You Mine”
6. Brothers Osborne “Stay A Little Longer”

See you next month for a new Music Playlist!