Lately 5.17.15-5.23.15

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Last Sunday I met up with my parents in Portsmouth. We had lunch at the Gas Light. What a cool atmosphere! We ate outside. I love my parents! 

What I have been up to:

Workouts (3 Days A Week):
1. Stretch
2. Cardio
3. Legs

1. Veggie Wraps
2. Coffee w/milk
3. Bananas 

Vitamin D:
1. Vitamin D capsules
2. Fresh Air When I Can
3. Light

Plus.. you need to make sure you are staying hydrated! ;)

I hope you all have a great Sunday! See you next week. :-)


Lately 5.10.15-5.16.15

Hello everyone! If you haven’t read last week’s Lately post you can do so here!

It was a busy week. Tuesday night my dad came for a baseball game! Go Portland Sea Dogs! We enjoyed warm weather, a diet soda, and sandwiches! Not the healthiest choices, but I didn’t stress about what I was eating. I just enjoyed the moment!

perfect night(Late Night Game!)

sea dogs game(Duck Face!)
enjoying the game(Enjoying The Game!)

hi i am chris(Hi! I Am Chris!)

nails balnket ball(Blanket, Ball, & Red Nails!)

Last weekend when Chris and I went home we hung out with my parents and played scrabble! Chris and I have been really into this game lately!

scrable(Mom Concentrating!)
new phone
(Chris Playing With His New Phone!)
srabble(Mom Waiting For Me To Make A Move!)

nora(Nora, The Cutest Girl In The World!)

PLL is coming (Pretty Little Liars Will Be Back Before We Know It!! Who Is A?!)

There is my recap! I hope you all had a productive work week and wonderful weekend! I will see you next week. :)


Lately 5.3.15-5.9.15

Happy Sunday everyone!

Did you all have a great week?

If you are looking to read last week’s Lately post click here! :)

I traveled home this past weekend for Mother’s Day. It was great to see my family!

Last weekend I got a lot of food prep done, so I had a lot of yummy treats and meals to choose from. :-)

Check out these cookies I made.


They came out so good! Here is the recipe from Oh She Glows if you are curious. :)

I also prepped a big bowl of fruit! This needs to be a staple. So good!
fresh fruit

Chris and I went out for Frozen Yogurt one night this week.
fun times

It was good but not as good as previous times I prefer ice cream! Maybe it was the location. Regardless, I consumed all of it Toppings and all. ;)

Chris and I went for a beer the other night. We even played scrabble at the bar while drinking our beer! So cool. It was a fun night.



Lastly, a picture of one of our dinners this past week!

(Baked Sweet Potato, Mozzarella Cheese, And Bacon! Yum!)

 That just about sums up my week! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I will see you next week!


Lately 4.26.15-5.2.15

Happy May everyone! You can read April’s Music Playlist here and last week’s Lately post here! :)

april showers
(Can This Be More Accurate?)

Whose allergies are out of control?
(I Am Trying To Stay Positive About It!)

Luckily I have this guy to make me laugh!
love him
(Don’t Ask…)

If I could have eggs, pumpkin pancakes, sweet potato panfries and tea for life I would be all set. :)
(Dinner On Monday Night! Trying to clear out the pantry and refrigerator!)

love this
(Love This! Helping Me Stay Positive!)

big kelsey
(Love This Girl!)

biug choc heaven
(Homemade Mini Cake! Heaven!)

big so pretty
(It Is Official! No More Snow!)

biig sin
(Love This Sign!)

Anything great happening in your life? Please share!


This Month’s New Music: April 2015 Music Playlist

Hello everyone! Please check out last month’s New Music Playlist here. Thanks!

This month’s Music Playlist will be much longer! Finally! :)

How have you all been? April has been a long month eh?

Well I have a new Music Playlist for you all to enjoy!


April 2015 Music Playlist:

1. Nick Jonas “Chains”
2. Pitbull Feat. Ne-Yo “Time Of Our Lives”
3. Walk The Moon “Shut Up And Dance”
4. Taylor Swift “Style”
5. Survivor “Eye Of The Tiger”
6. Cascada “Everytime We Touch”
7. Tiesto “Red Lights”
8. One Direction “Night Changes”
9. George Ezra “Budapest”
10. Ella Henderson “Ghost”
11. Zedd Feat. Selena Gomez “I Want You To Know”
12. Kate Earl “Stronger”
13. Destiny’s Child “Lose My Breath”
14. Meghan Trainor “Dear Future Husband”
15. Andy Grammar “Honey, I’m Good”
16. Tyler Hilton “When It Comes”

 Thanks for reading and I will see you next month for a new Music Playlist! 


Lately 4.19.15-4.25.15

Hello everyone! How are you? Did you all have a great week?

Isn’t this just a beautiful sight? Pink Lady Apples & Flowers!
(So Simple But So Happy!)

He is SO CUTE!
im pretty
(He Is Thinking, Look At Me I Am So Pretty!)

date night
(Date Night!)

(Sunday Baking!)

blog post- robyn
(This Is How I Feel About Food!)

love the view
(Beautiful View!!)

I know this is short and sweet this week. But I don’t have much to talk about. :( I will see you all next week. 



Lately 4.12.15-4.18.15

It has been a tough week. But looking at this picture makes me super happy.

(She Is The Cutest Dog In The World. I Miss Her So Much!)

miss her!!
(Nora Enjoying Mom’s Deck!)

Maybe it is the change of seasons that has gotten me down. Who knows. But believe me, I am glad the warm weather has finally arrived! :) There is plenty to look forward to!

(Bright Blue Sky!)

There isn’t much to feel sad about. I celebrated a one year anniversary with this guy!
(He Can ALWAYS Make Me Laugh!!!!)

we are cool
(We Are Cool Cats!)

beaut car
(I Received A Beautiful Card And Flowers!)

We took a nice walk on Sunday!

great walk
(Beautiful View!)

We enjoyed a baseball game on Monday!

baseball game
(Beer, Pretzel, Beautiful Weather And Baseball! It Can’t Get Much Better!)

%22i didnt do it%22
(I Didn’t Do It!)

simply me
(We All Need To Smile More!)

I don’t know what has been sucking up my happiness. But I have had enough. I am tired of being sad and I am sure everyone in my life is tired of it too.

All I need is hope. So please send some this way if you have any extra.

I will see you guys next week!

Lots of love,