Lately 8.2.15-8.8.15

Hello everyone! How are you? Can you believe we are already deep into August?? 

Why does the summer go by so fast?! 

You are probably wondering what the heck I have been up to? My full length blog posts have been nonexistent.

First off, who watches Pretty Little Liars? Can you believe we made it to the day where the game is over? I can’t! I can’t wait for Tuesday! So exciting.

My meal planning has been consistent. Dinners have included homemade pizza, beef stir fry, fajitas, salad, and pesto. I changed it up on Thursday and made a salad topped with buffalo chicken! YUM!
buffalo chicken salad

For breakfast it is fruit with either a muffin, cereal, eggs, or toast. Lunch I always have a salad, fruit, and a sandwich of some sort with a organic whole wheat english muffin.

At night, if I am still hungry, I will have a small dessert. 🙂 

That is my food lately!

It has been a pretty good summer. Weekends include different adventures. Family, friends, movies, shopping, etc.

What have you all been up to this summer?

See you next week!

xoxo Lauren

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