Lately 5.10.15-5.16.15

Hello everyone! If you haven’t read last week’s Lately post you can do so here!

It was a busy week. Tuesday night my dad came for a baseball game! Go Portland Sea Dogs! We enjoyed warm weather, a diet soda, and sandwiches! Not the healthiest choices, but I didn’t stress about what I was eating. I just enjoyed the moment!

perfect night(Late Night Game!)

sea dogs game(Duck Face!)
enjoying the game(Enjoying The Game!)

hi i am chris(Hi! I Am Chris!)

nails balnket ball(Blanket, Ball, & Red Nails!)

Last weekend when Chris and I went home we hung out with my parents and played scrabble! Chris and I have been really into this game lately!

scrable(Mom Concentrating!)
new phone
(Chris Playing With His New Phone!)
srabble(Mom Waiting For Me To Make A Move!)

nora(Nora, The Cutest Girl In The World!)

PLL is coming (Pretty Little Liars Will Be Back Before We Know It!! Who Is A?!)

There is my recap! I hope you all had a productive work week and wonderful weekend! I will see you next week. 🙂


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