Lately 5.3.15-5.9.15

Happy Sunday everyone!

Did you all have a great week?

If you are looking to read last week’s Lately post click here! 🙂

I traveled home this past weekend for Mother’s Day. It was great to see my family!

Last weekend I got a lot of food prep done, so I had a lot of yummy treats and meals to choose from. 🙂

Check out these cookies I made.


They came out so good! Here is the recipe from Oh She Glows if you are curious. 🙂

I also prepped a big bowl of fruit! This needs to be a staple. So good!
fresh fruit

Chris and I went out for Frozen Yogurt one night this week.
fun times

It was good but not as good as previous times I prefer ice cream! Maybe it was the location. Regardless, I consumed all of it Toppings and all. 😉

Chris and I went for a beer the other night. We even played scrabble at the bar while drinking our beer! So cool. It was a fun night.



Lastly, a picture of one of our dinners this past week!

(Baked Sweet Potato, Mozzarella Cheese, And Bacon! Yum!)

 That just about sums up my week! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I will see you next week!


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