Lately 4.26.15-5.2.15

Happy May everyone! You can read April’s Music Playlist here and last week’s Lately post here! 🙂

april showers
(Can This Be More Accurate?)

Whose allergies are out of control?
(I Am Trying To Stay Positive About It!)

Luckily I have this guy to make me laugh!
love him
(Don’t Ask…)

If I could have eggs, pumpkin pancakes, sweet potato panfries and tea for life I would be all set. 🙂
(Dinner On Monday Night! Trying to clear out the pantry and refrigerator!)

love this
(Love This! Helping Me Stay Positive!)

big kelsey
(Love This Girl!)

biug choc heaven
(Homemade Mini Cake! Heaven!)

big so pretty
(It Is Official! No More Snow!)

biig sin
(Love This Sign!)

Anything great happening in your life? Please share!


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