Lately 4.12.15-4.18.15

It has been a tough week. But looking at this picture makes me super happy.

(She Is The Cutest Dog In The World. I Miss Her So Much!)

miss her!!
(Nora Enjoying Mom’s Deck!)

Maybe it is the change of seasons that has gotten me down. Who knows. But believe me, I am glad the warm weather has finally arrived! 🙂 There is plenty to look forward to!

(Bright Blue Sky!)

There isn’t much to feel sad about. I celebrated a one year anniversary with this guy!
(He Can ALWAYS Make Me Laugh!!!!)

we are cool
(We Are Cool Cats!)

beaut car
(I Received A Beautiful Card And Flowers!)

We took a nice walk on Sunday!

great walk
(Beautiful View!)

We enjoyed a baseball game on Monday!

baseball game
(Beer, Pretzel, Beautiful Weather And Baseball! It Can’t Get Much Better!)

%22i didnt do it%22
(I Didn’t Do It!)

simply me
(We All Need To Smile More!)

I don’t know what has been sucking up my happiness. But I have had enough. I am tired of being sad and I am sure everyone in my life is tired of it too.

All I need is hope. So please send some this way if you have any extra.

I will see you guys next week!

Lots of love,


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