Guest Post · Lately

Lately 4.5.15-4.11.15

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday. I hope you all had a great week!

I know for me it was hard to get back to routine. I had such a great Easter weekend with family and friends.

(Saturday morning enjoying breakfast and coffee!)

This week I discovered a company called Oscar Insurance. I want to include the topic of de-stressing which was brought to my attention when examining this company. They want to help people like us create a more stress free time by fixing the health care process. They think having a healthy lifestyle is super important and provide their members a free Misfit band with the opportunity to earn back cash rewards when they meet their own goals. Also, they believe stress is a significant factor concerning our health and they want to help you! They have this Doctor On Call service where you can contact a doctor right through their app rather than having to make an appointment.

These pages provide some information that might be useful to you:

Stress is very unhealthy. It can affect your relationships, cause sleepless nights and affect your weight. However, most people don’t think of stress as a unhealthy habit. People don’t think of stress is a significant part of weight gain, acne, and depression. When I studied at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition it taught me that Stress is a significant part of a unhealthy lifestyle!

A healthy choice to consider as a way to de-stress can include eating a apple instead of candy as a snack or getting in exercise during your break instead of not taking one at all. Other examples of healthy ways to bring your stress level down could be drinking a cup of coffee or tea, taking a walk, or writing in your journal.

A weekend away with family and friends was a perfect way for me to de-stress. I got to see my family and long time friends, had others cook for me, got my nails done, and even got in some down time drinking warm beverages from a coffee mug made by my best friend! So much great therapy all in one weekend!

kelsey nails
(Relaxation is key!)

What also helps me de-stress is making time to prep healthy food so I have it available to me when I need it during a busy work week. When I got back from my weekend in NH I didn’t have a lot of food prepared. I found time on Monday before work to prep my healthy pumpkin pancakes so that I had them available to me the rest of the week! This is a great way to become less stressed during a busy work week!

I have told you what works for me to become more stress free. If you think you may need some help on becoming more stress free I encourage you to contact Oscar Insurance or simply try one of my techniques!

Although I had an amazing time with my family last weekend I was happy to relax and de stress this weekend.

More fun weekends will be here before I know it!

I hope you enjoy your Sunday and I will see you next week!



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