Lately 3.15.15-3.21.15

Hello everyone! Check out last week’s Lately Post here! 🙂 

I hope everyone had an awesome week! 

Chris and I enjoyed a Date Night last weekend! 
chris and i
(UNO’s For Date Night!)

However, last night was a lot of fun too! We enjoyed dinner at Friendly’s and then went to the movies to see Insurgent! SO GOOD! Not as good as Divergent but still amazing! 

This is Seth and Emma! They had Career day at school on Monday!
kids i nanny for
(Army Man And Veterinarian!)

My Dad came to visit on Tuesday.
i love my dad- whole foods
(Enjoying Dinner At Whole Foods!)

Breakfast As Of Lately!
breakfast as of lately
(Pumpkin Oat Pancakes Topped With Peanut Butter And Maple Syrup And A Pink Lady Apple With Cinnamon!)

cozy dad
(Cozy Father Sleeping!)

Throw Back.. Oh how I could use two donuts right now!
throw back
(Yum Yum Yum!)

Throw Back number two!
throw back2
(I Need To Purchase That Candle Again, It Smells So Good!!)

It was a busy week and I am glad to be relaxing this weekend! I hope you all enjoy your Sunday and I will see you all next week!



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