Lately 2.15.15-2.21.15

Happy Sunday Everyone! 🙂 Who is watching the Oscars tonight? I wish it was on a Friday or Saturday. It ends so late! I love who they chose for a Host this year (Neil Patrick Harris!)

How was your week?!

I feel like snow is the only constant we have had this winter! Will it ever end??

so pretty
(So Beautiful Though!)

Again, I am sorry. I rarely take pictures of my lunch. 😦 I don’t know why.

Although, I have some delicious dinners to share!

(Here We Have Sweet Potato Mashed Potatoes, Avocado And Chicken Wrap, And Steamed Veggies!)

(Going Along With The Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Here We Have Sweet Potato Chinese Pie! Yum, Who Wants The Recipe?)

sunday dinner
(This Was Our Dinner Last Sunday. A Treat of Chicken Parm! With A Salad On The Side. So Filling And Delicious!)

coffee cups
(Valentine’s Day Mugs!)

It was February Vacation for the kids I nanny for. One day we went sledding!

(It Was Great!)

(Treats I Made For One Of My Families, Homemade Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut Butter Balls!)

Here are a few treats I prepped for the next couple of weeks!

(Favorite Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies!)

banana bread
(Banana Bread!)

typical sunday
(What My Kitchen Looks Like On A Sunday 🙂)

(Bear And I At The Movies!)

homemade face mask
(Homemade Facemask Made With Oats, Almonds, And Banana!)

What has been on your mind the last week? I had a little too much sugar/sweets the past week, which kind of upsets me. But I will get over it! Lol

Tell me everything that went on for you this past week!


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