Lately 1.11.15

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is 2015?! I can’t!

How was everyone’s holiday? Mine was super long! It gave me a little bit of anxiety eating a lot of delicious food and having minimal exercise. But I got through it! 🙂 Exercise included slow walks with my dad and cleaning my mom’s house! You can’t beat that now can you?



 She is SO cute! This is my parents dog, Nora!

Is anyone making any crazy changes this year? I always strive to live a healthier life each and every year. This means mentally. I wish to have a even healthier relationship with food and my body. Surprisingly, each year gets better and better!

I finally recieved a blender this Christmas, from my amazing boyfriend! The one I recieved is a Ninja and includes two single serving cups and a food processor container. It is the one I had my eye on for a while. I think it is the best for its price and versatility! 🙂 It works great and it does what I need it to do!


With now having a blender I can enjoy green smoothies, make homemade nut butter and hummus, and any other yummy healthy treats I read about!

This is what I have been enjoying for breakfast this week
smoothie and oats
Can we just take a moment to look at the Almond Butter? Yum.

lately 1.11.15
You always need to include the coffee into your morning!

lately 1.11.15x
This Almond Butter is just SO GOOD. My current favorite I think!

My inspiration for this comes from The Real Life RD. I think it’s great that she makes an effort to enjoy a green smoothie every morning to ensure that she gets a good serving of vegetables before it is even noon! So thank you Robyn! If you would like to read one of my favorite posts from her you can do so here.

Now the question is what Protein Powder should I buy when my samples from Skoop are all gone!

Another great tip from Robyn is to have a big ole salad for either lunch or dinner! This one includes dates, avocado, and a bunch of different vegetables!


I am also enjoying a Pink Lady apple, nut butter, Kashi crackers, coffee with coconut creamer, and one of these!!

moose balls 2

You may be wondering what they are? Well, they are Moose Balls! My best friend Kelsey gave me the recipe during the long holiday break! I have been obsessed. They are healthy and so easy to make. A perfect Sunday Prep Day recipe. Make a huge batch, place a container of them in the refrigerator, and enjoy them all week long! 🙂 (Recipe coming soon!)

With dinner I try to include as many as vegetables as I can! I don’t want to keep going back to the store for fresh vegetables if I run out. So yes I do buy canned or frozen vegtables to keep on hand. Sometimes I have a salad and sometimes I will either stir fry or bake vegetables. This Sunday Chris and I had a special treat! It wasn’t the healthiest dinner. However, it did include a lot of spinach!


It really was perfection. Let me know if you want the recipe!

What I also have been prepping a lot of is Sweet Potatoes. I cut them up in cubes. Boil them for 30 minutes (including pre boil.)

sweet potato food prepx

Once that is done I add sea salt, oregano, and coconut oil. Let them cool for 30 minutes and then either bake or fry them!


Sweet Potatoes for the week! Yeah!

So.. that is what my food intake has been looking like. A little bit of everything. Yes, I admit.. I have enjoyed a few too many spoonfuls of peanut butter and chocolate chips. Ask Chris.. he has witnessed it. But hey, it is the weekend right? 🙂

I also made one target trip this weekend. I was there for 2 1/2 hours. 😦 I am ashamed. But it has been a long time since I have gone there! Really! I found a few trinkets. What do you think?

cute trinkets

Corny but cute right?! The place mats and heart bowl is what is from target! Actually the fruit basket is as well but I got that this past summer! It is actually my favorite fruit basket. It is huge!

Well, this is a long post so I better stop now! I hope you enjoyed this post! I know I always enjoy “Lately” posts!

Stay tuned for a “This Month’s New Music: January 2015 Music Playlist” post later this month! The first for 2015!

Take care and I love you all. ❤



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