Pesto Chicken Flatbread Sandwich Recipe

Hello all! I haven’t blogged a recipe in a while. I was inspired by my friend Kelly! It was definitely about time. I hope you enjoy it. Pesto has been my all time favorite this past year. Chris’s mom has the best Pesto Recipe. Here is what I came up with. 🙂

Pesto Sandwich 2
Pesto Chicken Flatbread Sandwich:

1 Whole Wheat Tortilla
1 Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese Wedge
1 Chicken Breast
2 Tablespoons of Homemade Pesto Sauce

First you will want to make the Pesto Sauce. It will last up for 2 weeks in the refrigerator! So don’t worry about making too much. 🙂

Pesto Sauce: 
Basil: 2 cups (just leaves) 
Garlic: 3 cloves peeled
Pine Nuts: 1/3 cup
Olive Oil: 1 cup
Parmesan Cheese: 1/2 cup

Now on to the sandwich! It is very simple and very good.

 Grab 1 whole wheat tortilla. Any brand you would like! Spread 1 wedge of laughing cow swiss cheese onto the tortilla.

Mix the chicken with the Pesto Sauce. You can either boil, fry, bake, or grill the chicken. It doesn’t matter. I like to shred the chicken before mixing it with the sauce. Once you are done mixing the sauce with the chicken place it on one side of the tortilla.

Add a tad more sauce on the other side of the tortilla then fold it over like a sandwich. Place it in the oven for 15 minutes or until warm. Lastly, turn the oven on to broil for 1 minute to make the tortilla crispy!

Dig in, enjoy, and go back for more if you please! 🙂
Pesto Sandwich
Pesto Sandwich 3
Pair it with a small salad, carrot sticks, and some berries for a nice balanced meal! 

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