24 lessons in 24 Years

I know I know, a lot of people make these posts on their birthday. But it is such a great idea. I couldn’t help myself and I hope you guys enjoy it!

24 Things I have learnt in my 24 years:

1. Be present, or at least try to be.
2. No one has it all figured out.
3. Ask, don’t assume.
4. Be kind.
5. Confidence is attractive.
6. So is a smile (see #5.)
7. Listen more, speak less.
8. Give everyone a chance,  but don’t befriend everyone.
9. You can’t trust all. Watch yo-self.
10. Sing more often. Even if you have a horrible singing voice.
11. Shower with a beer in hand more often.
shower beer
12. Fear- less (often.)
13. If he doesn’t give you goose bumps, he just isn’t the one. Be patient.
14. Use a pen and paper more often.
15. Say Thank You & I Love You on a daily basis.
16. Just. Say. No.
17. Agree to disagree.
18. Listen to music often. It is good for your soul.
19. Treat yo self every damn day.
20. Do not look at your bank account while you are eating lunch. It just ruins the moment.
21. People lie. Don’t be one of those people.
22. Be happy for people. Even if you have a perfectly good reason not to be.
23. Learn to be alone.

24: You can never, ever win. Mom makes cupcakes: why do you do this to me? They are so bad for me! Mom doesn’t make cupcakes: Mom… there is nothing for dessert.
Life is short. Spend it happy.
Happy/Go Lucky Song= Dan+Shay 19 You+Me– Enjoy. 🙂

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