WIAW: Peas & Crayons

WIAW: Goodbye February!

Hello everyone! I am back with a WIAW post! All thanks to Peas & Crayons!

So long Februaryyyy!

How is everyone doing? Sick of the snow yet? I am jealous of all you southerners! However, I really don’t mind the snow!! 😛 It has been through the roof though! The snow just won’t stop!!

oh winter

How pretty is it though?!

Eats 1:
Coffee to start, of course! I need that caffeine!
Then I enjoyed some chex cereal, vanilla almond milk, and apple sauce! That filled me up for a little while. 😉

Eats 2:

hommusI started off my afternoon with some brand new hommus and veggies. I love this flavor! mmmm.
A great way to get your veggies in! Pair it with some delicious hommus! I also dipped some pretzels into the hommus! Scrumptious!
For a little treat afterwards I paired some peanut butter with a few whole grain fig newtons! It hit the spot.
nut butter figgy

Last but no least, apple sauce! Yum. I like this flavor!
apple sauce

Eats 3: (not pictured)
I had a few more whole grain fig newtons and peanut butter before hitting the gym!

Eats 4:
dinner dinner2
dinner 3 dinner4 dinner5
After the gym I made a quick, healthy and delicious meal! I grilled two eggs and placed them on a whole grain wrap! The wrap also included a wedge of the laughing cow bleu cheese. I paired the wrap with some re fried beans, corn, spanish olives and apple sauce! Yes, it was a very random meal! But it hit the spot!

Meal 5: (unpictured)
I needed a little something before hitting the pillow. I wish I didn’t, however, I had a long leg-day workout and probably just needed a little more fuel! I enjoyed some more whole grain fig newtons and peanut butter. A little something sweet and filling! I also made sure to drink a whole nalgene after my dinner. I probably fill this thing 6 times a day. No joke! Be sure to drink your water people! It is essential! 🙂

I also wanted to include some of my favorite eats/drinks for the month of February since I don’t do a WIAW post every week. 🙂

Favorite treat:
fav food 1
Richardson’s Ice Cream from the Puritan Back Room! Mocha chip and moose tracks ice cream. Whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. Sprinkles or Jimmies people? What do you call them?!

Favorite meal:
fav meal!!
Breakfast at my parents! So. So. So. good. Yes, it deserved 3 so’s. Crepes, eggs, potatoes, and bacon. This was better than any restaurant!

Favorite drink:
fav drink yum!!
A few weeks ago I split a scorpion bowl with my aunt! It was a great time sharing a delicious drink! The bowls are so cute/creative. I wish I had one to enjoy cereal in! LOL.

Well there you have it! My eats for (yesterday) and a few extra details about my eats for the month! Make sure you head on over to Peas & Crayons to check out more WIAW posts! 🙂

sleep love eat

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