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Here Is Your New January 2014 Playlist!

I don’t know about you, but for me, music is one of the biggest motivators at the gym. A good-upbeat song comes on and I am a total rock star. You won’t be able to hold me down! I will be off the wall. But it isn’t like this 100% of the time. Sometimes I shut my music off and I finish the second half of my workout in silence. It really all depends on my mood that day. But 90% of the time I need a good-upbeat song to finish cardio or a hard exercise. Like squats or lunges. Music does wonders, doesn’t it? On Monday, I was so into my playlist that I ended up doing more than what was expected! I was actually very unmotivated to even go that day, go figure! Thank you music gods.

music god

Anyway, I figured I would share my current go-to playlist for the gym. Feel free to share your favorite songs/playlists. I need to keep my music updated/fresh or I go crazy!


So here is my January 2014 Playlist in no particular order. Some songs may be old and some will be new! 😀

January 2014 Playlist:

1. Eminem- Till I Collapse
2. Lorde- Team
3. Showtek & Justin Prime- Cannoball
4. B.o.B ft. Priscilla- John Doe
5. Dashboard Confessional- Stolen
6. Katy Perry ft. Juicy J- Dark Horse
7. Eminem ft. Rihanna- The Monster
8. Britney Spears- Perfume
9. Havana Brown- Flashing Lights
10. Calvin Harris- Thinking About You
11. Ja Rule ft. Ashanti- Mesmerized
12. B.o.B ft. 2 Chainz- Headband
13. Lady Gaga & R. Kelly & Rick Ross- Do What You Want
14. Zadd ft. Foxes- Clarity
15. Ellie Goulding- Burn
16. Pittbull ft. Kesha- Timber
17. Easton Corbin- A Little More Country Than That
18. Joe Nichols- Sunny & 75
19. Glenn Morrison- Goodbye
20. Mae- Suspension

4 thoughts on “Here Is Your New January 2014 Playlist!

    1. You are the best. Thanks for being a committed reader Cassi. 😀 What are the titles of the new songs you mentioned? By Shakira and Rhianna?

      I wish you were closer to me. We could go for a run or shake our tail feathers at da club…. 😀 haha

  1. Oooh there’s a few songs on that playlist that I haven’t heard! I’ll have to check em out 🙂

    PS Dashboard used to be my all time FAVE band back in high school!!! Stolen is such a good tune ❤

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