Elf 4 Health & Update 12-11-13

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well.

The second round of Elf 4 Health is under way! My new Elf is Holly, say hello! She is a new mom and you can read all about her family, things she is loving, and other business here! I particularly loved her “Things i’m Loving- October Editionpost!

Check out our challenges for this round! It is a lot of fun, I am very glad I participated! Yesterday for the “Pay It Forward” challenge, I filled up my mom’s car with gas! I hope she was pleased! 😀
Curious to chat me about how Elf 4 Health is going or about anything else health/fitness related? Tweet me! I would love to hear from you. 🙂

You can also check out some other great bloggers who are participating like Dixie House, Elyse Gregor, and Running Limit-less!

Elyse Gregor has a great blog post on: Top 10 Favorite Cooking Tools! Check it out here. 🙂
cooking tools

Did anyone watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night? I know it is just trashy television. But some of the outfits were really adorable! Fall Out Boy’s performance was great as well! 🙂 Don’t worry, my roommate and I enjoyed some ice cream while we watched it! 😉

There is only two more weeks until Christmas! Is everyone ready?!
I don’t know about you, but stocking stuffers are my favorite! I love the small, useful, and beneficial gifts that come in there! Usually “Santa” just fills my stocking with bathroom essentials, giftcards or candy! So much fun. If you want some new ideas for the stocking look here. 🙂

I loved Healthy Diva Eat’s post yesterday: “Things I know Tuesday.” I love how she writes posts that are relateable, fun, girly, and happy! Check out her new section “TTMT!”

I was sick last week from Wednesday-Sunday. 😦 I hate being sick and taking time off! But the rest was needed. Has anyone else gotten sick lately? I heard a lot of people were having symptoms of either a cold or a virus! Stay healthy guys! It is more important to rest when you are sick than going into work and getting everyone else sick! 🙂

I think that is all I have for you guys on this hump day!

What is new with you? 🙂 What are you looking forward to? Are you attending any fun Christmas parties? What are you making for FOOD this holiday season?! You guys know what my Holiday Food obsession is!! Pork Pie! YUM All the Pork Pie! Hehe
pork pie
                                                                        Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Elf 4 Health & Update 12-11-13

  1. Hey girl, thanks for the shout out 😀

    I enjoyed the VS Fashion last night show too and was totally motivated to up my weights today. Great job on keeping up with those elf challenges! The toughest one for me might be taking “me time” during such a busy week!

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