What I Am Loving Wednesday

Head on over to Healthy Diva Life to read her post on “What I Am Loving Wednesday!

I like Wednesday’s and I have a few things I wanted to share that I am currently loving!

My new sneakers: I finally decided it was time to bite the bullet and get new ones. My current sneakers have 5 holes in them! They also smell.


They fit perfectly! Love them.

New boots: I didn’t own a pair of “dress up” boots and fell in love with these the very minute I saw them! They were half off so I figured it was a great deal. 🙂


I love perfume. I think smelling good should be a law. Yes, I said a law! Haha Who doesn’t like to smell good right?! I finally ordered my favorite perfume! I hope it lasts me a little while!


Lastly, I have been loving Ritz crackers. A plus: The new holiday packaging and the holiday cracker shape! So cool!

20131127-193301.jpgI hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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