Update & Elf 4 Health: Round 1

Hello everyone! It is Holiday Week. Thanksgiving is in just a few days!

To get myself even more into the spirit, I decided to participate in “Elf 4 Health!”
elf 4 health

If you aren’t sure what the heck I am talking about, you can read about it here!

One of the favorite parts of “Elf 4 Health” are the challenges we get daily!

My first Elf Friend is Dixie! So far she has been a fantastic elf! She emailed me right away and asked me a bunch of friendly questions. We have plenty to talk about and her tweets are the sweetest! I am already excited, happy and eager to continue with the challenges and emails! It couldn’t have started off any better! 😀

The rest of time has been spent at work, at the gym, or with family & friends. I am beyond excited for Thanksgiving and a short little break from work. Are you going out shopping on Friday? Do you have any special traditions for the holiday?

I hope you all spend it with loved ones and eat lots of yummy food! My favorite Thanksgiving food is Pork Pie! I am always surprised at how many people don’t know what it is.

Okay and dessert isn’t all that bad. 😉

Here are some “lately” pictures and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo

pork pie
Pork Pie for days!!

Best way to start the morning! Elf 4 Health Day 2!

New boots! They were 1/2 off!

I suppose I am getting use to my roommates cat…

Don’t ask…

Kind of cute…


4 thoughts on “Update & Elf 4 Health: Round 1

  1. There used to be a flavor out called “Goofy Grape” ;it looks like it has returned! The last time my eyes were crossed & tongue hanging out was a Tequila/Southern Comfort weekend; nevvver again! Rob H.

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