Lately 10.10.13-10.20.13

Hello everyone! What has everyone been up to?

It has been a busy couple of weeks! I had my friend’s Wedding the weekend of October 12/13.

Alyssa and Kieth

A lot of memories to be had. It turned out to be a great wedding!



wedding 3

Absolutely beautiful! From the Ceremony right up until the reception. ❤ ❤ ❤

It was a great weekend!

This past weekend was also busy and fun! Drinks with a college friend, pizza night with my roommate, movies (twice!), breakfast with my parents and brother, apple/pumpkin picking, and an ice cream date! 🙂

I got to see two movies. Carrie and Gravity!


Both were pretty good movies! Carrie wasn’t scary at all though. 😦

I caught up with a good friend from college on Friday night! We got some pumpkin beer, chatted and laughed about old times! 🙂
maryna and I

I got to finally go apple and pumpkin picking! My roommate and I went to Macks Apples! I think we did a great job with our selections. 🙂 It was the PERFECT weather!!
pumpkin 11
pumpkin 1
pumpkin 2
pumpkin 5
pumpkin 7
pumpkin 3
pumpkin 4
pumpkin 6

What a pretty day! Perfect-fall outdoor activity to do over the weekend. Take advantage guys! You can never have enough apples. 😀

Everything else has been pretty good. Workouts have been good. Been enjoying lots of yummy AND healthy food without guilt… just enjoying life!
me!!! silly

What about you? What have you guys been up to?!
sweet and innocent

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