Happy Wednesday, Hump Day, and WIAW all!

How is everyone doing? Are you excited to see what I have been eating? Ok, ok, contain the excitement! 😉


It was a good day of eats! Here they are from bottom to top! 😉

Breakfast has been boring and consistent. Coffee and cereal!


Snack Therapy has it right when she talks about her Food Ruts. I am the same way! I definetely get into food ruts! My Lunch Ruts have been Veggie Sandwiches, Food Should Taste Good chips, and veggies!



I think that this mid Afternoon snack will be around for a while…


My usual protein shake after my work out! It helps to keep me satisfied till dinner. It also gives me some extra protein. 🙂


Last but not least, dinner! Probably my favorite meal to cook. 🙂

I made pasta and topped it off with this mix:


I posted the recipe here! 🙂

Now… link up! I want to see what you ate. 🙂 I love learning new recipes or ideas on how to keep a healthy balance!

Love you all. ❤

6 thoughts on “WIAW

    1. Honestly, it is the easiest to travel with since I eat my breakfast at work! I take two mason jars with me. One filled with Fat Free milk and the other with my cereal. I pour the one with milk into the one with cereal. The leftover milk I have in the first mason far is for my coffee! So simple and environmently friendly! Love it. Thanks for the love Amy. 🙂

  1. what a fun afternoon snack, yum!!!! it’s like the pure form of a reese’s, ha! that breakfast sure is classic. i was never really a cheerio’s girl but my bro and sis sure were! i don’t consider the same lunch each day a food rut. i call it a TRUE LOVE 😉 i never get sick of my salad beast. i do switch up its ingredients often tho!

    1. It is the sweetest “food” I have during the day and it truly hits the spot! It also gives me the little “kick” I need to get to the gym after work! I love it.

      Cereal is definitely a go to for breakfast. Easy, simple and some what healthy for the weekday!

      Salads are perfect because you can switch up the ingredients but keep the main thing (salad!)

      Food is my passion and I love the Healthy Blogging World. ❤

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