Weekend Recap

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?! Mine was great! Relaxing but also pretty busy.

Friday night I ate dinner at my Uncle’s pizza restaurant (after my last workout of the week of course.) Yes, I eat here a lot. It is delicious, affordable, local and family based. How can I not?! 😉 I had a slice of Roni Pizza and some seasoned waffle fries! I am bad at taking pictures and I want to blog more of my food!

I just relaxed for the rest of the night and watched lifetime movies!

Saturday I was supposed to go to a seminar for work. I woke up early and everything! Guess what?! Yup, it was cancelled.. It didn’t bother me though! It forced me to be up and ready for the day! So, instead, I met my mother and brother for coffee!


So delicious!

I also went grocery shopping with mom! I spent a lot of money this week.. but I also stocked up on a lot of pantry items! I will have a lot of food carried over the next few weeks. Speaking of groceries, food buying and cooking.. I discovered a new favorite blogger! Cait over at Cait’s Plate!

Why is she a new favorite?!

Soooooo many reasons. As you know, I have had issues with food/exercise balance. I think many of us have! Just a year ago I was very under weight. I have quickly put the pounds back on this past year.
Now I work out just 5 days a week with a healthy balance of cardio and weight lifting. It is working out very well. My food intake was a little toxic this summer with the increase of alcohol. However, I am getting back to normal now. 🙂

I love love love cooking, feeding people, baking, EATING and anything else that is food related. But I also like to keep myself healthy and in shape. Therefore, finding the correct balance of the two takes time, work, patience, creativity, and education.

Although I love to be active I truly think my passion from all this.. is in the kitchen. Why I am LOVING Cait’s Plate! She has amazing food photography, recipes, and happiness in her blog!

Her whole philosophy about food and exercise is mine to a T. She explains how you can enjoy your food without the guilt. You just have to teach yourself how to eat! Cook, play around with food, and experiment in the kitchen! Food isn’t meant to make you feel mad, sad or guilty! It is meant to nourish you and make you happy!

So many individuals think they have to starve themselves or go on crazy diets. Believe me, I know with the media today it isn’t easy to get the correct information… I have been down that road!

But trust me.. once you do find out the correct answers to food and become healthy instead of just “skinny” you become so so so much happier. 🙂 You will know when you get there!

Lastly, why I love Cait’s Plate! even more is because recently she has been writing a series on “Healthy Eating On A Budget.” As you know, I am on a tight budget right now. I am serving with Americorps Vista and we live with very little money!

Just because I am on a tight budget doesn’t give me any excuse to eat take out, fast food or ramen noodles everyday! I want to prove to individuals that eating healthy (no matter what) is doable. You have to put the time, creativity, and knowledge into it!

Cait’s Plate! is here to help me out! I would love to do a series like this. 🙂 In my next post I would love to share with you my groceries, meal ideas, etc.

For now.. brainstorm what kind of meals you would like to see!

Okay for the rest of my weekend…. I went to the Nascar Races with my roommate!


It was such a beautiful day!


Also, a ton of people!

Later that night I went to the Outback with my family for my Dad’s 50th birthday! 50?!?!/ So crazy.


I got a salad…


Steak and buffalo shrimp. So yum!


And last but not least.. the birthday boy! He is sooo adorable. I love him so much!

The rest of the night consists of my computer, The Emmys, and this snack (also ate an apple :-)) they are so juicy right now!!!


What did you guys do this weekend? Where does your “healthy living” passion lie?

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