Short week, FALL weather!

This week has gone by pretty fast! It is already Thursday!

It has been a busy week. Work, the gym, cooking dinner, and then catching up with HIMYM to end the day! Obviously….

Here are some pictures to recap my week!

– For my #wcw on Instagram this week I picked my current women crush…. Cobie Smulders… She is BEAUTIFUL, plays such an amazing character on HIMYM, and hands down my favorite right now!


This was my view on my drive home from the gym one day this week. ❤ So pretty!


This is my friend that likes to hang out in the yard and wait for me to come home… he is such a cutie isn’t he! He was obviously eating his dinner… 😉


This is my booty.. I got new work out pants! Do you like?!


This is a picture of part of my “office.” I have A LOT of papers hanging up. Don’t ask me why, I just seem to like it that way! 🙂


This was one of the dinners I cooked this week! Homemade potato fries and a bean/veggie stir fry! My roomate Riley loved it! Thanks for enjoying it girl!


Lastly, this is just simply me! So glad it is Thursday! Keep on smiling people!


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