Health & Beauty

Another step further….

So this week I ATE BAD.

Okay maybe it has been the last two weeks….

But I also haven’t skipped the gym at all this past year. 5 days a week!

Some weeks I exercised 7 days.

It is The Ying Yang Balance of life.

Right now my life is all over the place.
I have been thinking a lot about where I want my career to go. What food I want stapled into my diet. Who my true friends are. How to eliminate my time at the house. How I can better my finances. The list goes on and on.

All I have right is myself. But you know what? That is all I really need!
What I NEED in my life right now is physical activity, a clean(ish) room, some sundresses, my jeep to take me around town, an annual income to pay some bills, the web to learn some cool shit and talk to cool peeps, some healthy food to stop my growling stomach, and my fam.

I’m good.

It has been a year since I took off to Texas. Holy moly!! I lasted there until July of 2012. That means I spent just about a year at good old Planet Fitness! I was employed there in July of 2012. Oh the people I have met….. It has been great!




If I eventually leave I am going to miss the people SO MUCH. The people you work with become your family. Just like your classmates and teachers become your family when you are in school….

But sometimes those family members can become toxic and unhealthy. We have all had unhealthy relationships. But at the time you don’t even know they are unhealthy and toxic……

That is why you have to force yourself to move on. No matter how hard or sad it will be.

Start a new chapter for yourself. Start something new. Start fresh to create new experiences, growth and strength. As a wise older person told me just yesterday… Anyone can do ANYTHING just as good as someone else. All you need is discipline, motivation, a good leader/teacher, and to be WILLING AND ABLE (in my opinion.)

I am trying my hardest to be a good influence. I have to remember that some people take life more serious than others. I have to remember to never give up. I have to remember to take one step at a time. I also have to remember to be ME and not let others influence me of whom they are and who they are trying to be (if that makes any sense.) I think what I am trying to say is that when people talk and give advice it is usually what they are trying to tell themselves. I truly believe that. So if we are listening to someone else’s advice sometimes it is hard to not get sucked in to their life and not YOUR OWN. You have to DO YOU!

But hey.. We all make mistakes and make selfish decisions. We are human! But the trick is that we CAN get up again no matter how many times we fall. We can keep going! We can learn from the past, be present in the future, and plan for the future. It IS possible. 🙂

There are really no rules in life. Lucky for us! As long as we are staying true to OURSELVES! (Which is hard to do in a world that is constantly influencing us to be everything besides that…)

What I am currently trying to do (to better myself) is to be MORE respectful to my loved ones

Exercise at least 5 days a week

Clean up the diet

Have more alone time (meditate, sleep, research, tv)


The summer is here and for me it is the perfect time to start new healthier habits! What about you!? What is on your summer to do list?!

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