Sunday Workday

Hey everyone!

How is everyone doing on this sort-of-nice-day?

At least the weather is somewhat better than the last few days right?

It doesn’t really matter to me anyway- I am working!

Therefore- it is Sunday “workday” for me. Oh well- it is keeping me productive.


– I have updated my favorite posts page if you want to check it out. This is just a list of my favorite posts written by some of my favorite bloggers.

– I am obsessed with eggs. Easy over, hard boiled, scrambbled, or poached. I don’t really care. I love them. ❤ How do you like your eggs? In a wrap? On toast? With ketchup as my cousin Jessica use to do?

– Saturday mornings. There is nothing like a Saturday morning. Where you don’t have to be anywhere and you can just ENJOY the day. Lifetime movie, coffee and family!

– Being positive. It is SO EASY in life to get wrapped up in negativity. Looking at the glass half empty… But it is our job to be as positive as we can be.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend, even with such crappy weather! Let me know what your life has been consisting of!

❤ LP

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