Holiday Weekend and Portion Control

Happy Holiday Weekend Everyone!

WHY.. did Mother Nature have to give us such GREAT weather this holiday weekend!? 😉

I GUESS it can’t be sunshine and butterflies ALL the time.. But it would have been nice to have BBQ weather right?!

Oh well…. I was able to entertain myself inside all weekend. 🙂

Currently.. I am enjoying a cold beer with my roommates.
They are in the living room watching some sports game. I think it is the Bruins or something? I don’t know… 😉 I would rather be typing to you guys and being a nerd in the other room. 🙂

This beeeeeeeer is BOMB. Have you tried it?! What is your FAVORITE beer?! Do you keep it classy with Bud Lite? Or do you prefer DARK beer?

Now on to a healthier topic! Who believes portion control has a lot to do with weight loss? I can tell you from experience that it has A LOT to do with individuals needing or wanting to lose weight.

A lot of healthy-fit bloggers use their Sunday’s as a prep day. I know I did for a LONG time. Sometimes I would spend the whole day in the kitchen prepping snacks, cutting vegetables and fruit, etc. It was great. I learnt portion control for a lot of my favorite snacks and it saved me time over the week!

Some of the foods that I NEED portioned to avoid OVER INDULGENCE are..

Peanut butter
Dessert treats (chocolate, cookies)

I know many people who can be very consistent with their diet and NOT over think it. They can go about their day the same way EVERY SINGLE DAY and be happy.

But it isn’t like that for me. I over think it. I will take things out of my diet and months later put it back into my diet. I’m not normal… AND I don’t want to be.

But at this point in my life.. I am okay with it. I like to experiment.

I am not hurting anyone else and I am learning. But I also have to make sure I am healthy, which I DO BELIEVE I AM. I truly believe everyone has their own way of living and we have to RESPECT others.

Portion control is very important to me. I am not eliminating any type or particular food from my diet at this time. However, I am watching HOW MUCH I am consuming AND getting a moderate amount of exercise, as anyone should.

You have to experiment in order to learn and I am okay with that. But sometimes we can take it too far, I know I have.
That is why I truly love the healthy-blogging community. We learn we are not alone and someone is always there if we need someone to talk to or relate to.

What have you been thinking about lately? Do you prep on Sundays for the week ahead? What are some snacks YOU NEED portioned?!

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend!!
LP ❤

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