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Lush Charity Pot

I have recently been obsessed with Lush Products. Especially Charity Pot! I have yet, in my 23 years of living, found a lotion that is healthy, warm and comforting scented, and most importantly has all the earnings go straight to charity!

I will be lying in my bed without the lotion on AND STILL be able to smell the warm, fresh ingredients of charity pot lingering in my room…..

So what does this charity pot consist of!?

To keep it short and sweet… It is a hand and body lotion made with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, moisturizing almond oil and fragrant ylang ylang.

For the curious minds out there I’ll go even more in depth for you…

Almond Oil- Rich and moisturizing, almond oil is one of our favorite ingredients for its high vitamin E content.

Fair Trade Cocoa Butter- Our Fair Trade cocoa butter comes from the Dominican Republic. Softening and nourishing for the skin, cocoa butter also gives Charity Pot a chocolaty scent. (YES!)

Ylang Ylang Oil- A sweet and sharp floral oil, ylang ylang is a major component of Charity Pot’s beautiful fragrance.

I absolutely love that there are only three ingredients. It keeps you smelling good and leaves your skin silky smooth!

Is there a lotion you are obsessed with?! If so, please share!!




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