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Hello everyone-

It has been a long time since I have written a post. I apologize!

If my life was a little bit more interesting… I would be more motivated to write! However, in reality, it has been the same old thing! Work outs, work, organization, applications, etc…

My food and work outs have been extra simple and boring. What about you?!

Luckily, I received a nice email from Cole asking if I would feature a post on my blog. He is super into health and would like to share some of his thoughts! I was glad to reach out and help. 🙂

His nice email simply said,

Hi Lauren,

I came across your blog and really enjoyed reading some of your posts and the feel of the blog. My name is Cole and I am an avid Traveler and foodie. I was wondering if you’re interested in featuring a guest post of mine on your blog. I have recently been looking into how it is increasingly difficult to maintain a nutritious diet when indulging in cuisines across the world from my travels. As more folks like myself begin trending towards a healthier travel experience, I think it would be great for your readers to learn some tips and tricks of the trade that I have learned in my own experiences of traveling and staying healthy. Of course I would love for you to also share your experiences in staying healthy on the road. Let me know if I can shoot an article over for your review and possibly share it with your visitors. Let me know what you think!

I look forward to hearing from you,


I kindly responded with a YES-!

So without further adieu.. Cole’s post!

“Tips For Eating Healthy On Vacation”

Tips for Eating Healthy on Vacation
For some people, going on vacation means a bacchanalia event of gorging on food and alcohol and the extra pounds are just the price one pays for a good time. However, going on a vacation does not mean that you have to resort to eating an abundance of unhealthy meals. There are ways to stick to a healthy eating plan no matter where your destination may be. Follow these simple tips so you can return from your vacation rested, refreshed and at your optimal weight.
-Plan Ahead
Take along some healthy snacks when you are traveling that will help satisfy cravings. Dried fruit such as raisins, seeds and nuts, low calorie fiber bars and instant oatmeal packets that you can add water to make easy to carry, delicious snacks that will help you stick to your nutritious eating plan. Travel can take a toll on the body so it is important to stay hydrated during your vacation. You should particularly drink plenty of water if you are flying. Staying hydrated will help you feel full and forgo the need to eat between meals.
Planning ahead for healthy foods is simple. If you are flying during meal times and your airline provides meals, ask for a healthy alternative or a vegetarian meal. Eat before you leave for a long plane, train or car ride. Eating a healthy meal before taking off will make it less likely for you to dip into unhealthy snacks in the air or on the road. Do an online search for healthy restaurants and hotels with a fitness center while you are planning your trip. One of the factors that I found pivotal in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling was to read reviews from travelers with the same desires. I recently took a trip out west and was worried about the limited options that would be available to remain nutritious. With the help of some experienced travelers reviews on a great site I found, I was able to find one of the rare Las Vegas hotels with a complete gluten free menu. As you can imagine, in the midst of the buffet capital of the world, I was ecstatic.
-Stay In for Meals
Scope out your surroundings by asking the hotel concierge or, better yet, by taking walks around the neighborhood to see if you are near a healthy restaurant, health food store or farmers market. These spots will provide healthy alternatives to high-calorie and high-fat foods.
If possible, avoid going out for three meals a day by getting a room with a kitchenette or at least a microwave and refrigerator. When booking your hotel, ask whether these accommodations may be available in your room. Heat up oatmeal for breakfast; keep fruit in the mini refrigerator for breakfast or snacks. This will cut down on your need to go out for meals.
-Eating Out
When going out to eat, take care when ordering. Ask your server for salad dressing on the side and to take away any breadbaskets that he may place on the table. Ask for a container before you get your meal so you can split it and take half back to the room with you for later. Order soup and an appetizer or order a half sandwich or salad instead of an entrée to save on calories. This may end up saving you money as well.
It’s important to treat yourself when you are on vacation so you don’t go crazy and end up gorging one day. Save room for a quality desert at a restaurant or an ice-cream cone on the boardwalk. Limit yourself to one delicious treat each day and eat healthier the rest of the time.
Following these simple tips will allow you to enjoy your travels and come home in as good of shape as when you left!

Cole handed out so many great tips, tricks, and insight. If you have any questions for him OR would like to learn more about him… check out his blog!

As for me… I hope to come around here more often and update you guys on what has been going on in my life. BUUUUTTT what has been going on in yours?! Update me please!!

❤ LP

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