If you had one wish… What would it be?!

I am who I am and nothing will change that. It is unfortunate for those who can’t forgive themselves for their mistakes. It is unfortunate to those who are too blind to see how much someone suffers for the lack of responsibility on their part. It isn’t fair… But we all move on.

We are all different and WANT different things. Some of us are so needed by others… That it affects EVERYONE around them.

Someone of us just want to simply get away from everything.

WE CANNOT START OVER. The only thing I ask is… We accept it and from now on tell the truth and have a better attitude. We have to be willing to love ourselves and accept imperfection. It isn’t easy BUT WE CAN DO IT.

Everyone is suffering and doing the same things we are doing– just with different people, different tasks, and different fears. That is all…..

At this time in your life.. If you had once wish… What would it be?!

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