What about your future?

Hey everyone! So what has been on my mind lately!? A whole bunch of stuff!

– How EVERYONE IS NEEDED…in this CRAZY/mixed up world..

– How EVERYONE makes mistakes.

– How important it is to be GOOD to people.

– How important it is to do your own thing and not depend on others for happiness.

– Not everyone is going to listen and not everyone is as motivated as you.

– You just need to LIVE and let LIVE.

– Everyones behavior and abilities are different.


This quote will forever be with me… Obviously no ones life is perfect but the attitude you stand by in your life is IMPORTANT.

The attitude behind who you are determines A LOT. The decisions you make and how strong you become is really only dependent on you. You call the shots.

There are so many people I envy and look up to. I believe we are all insecure, scared, afraid, and jealous. It is a GOOD thing. It means we care, love and hope.

Is it possible to “wing” life? How are you suppose to account for something that hasn’t happened yet? You can estimate… But do you ever really know what is going to happen? There are so many things that could happen….

Life isn’t perfect.

What I have to remember most is.. Just do it. Life is life… Be the leader, and watch what you are doing! Others are following you.

Things to look forward to:
– Spring
– Farmers Market
– Flowers
– Gardening
– Walks
– Bonfires

So what if life isn’t going as planned…. The unknown is part of the fun in my opinion.

An investment in education is something to be proud of and NOTHING to be scared of. We are all different and we all LIVE a different kind of life. What is most important? Being honest with yourself and trusting your GUT. Enough with the lists and second guessing yourself. Trust what it is you REALLY want and are looking for. Health? Excitement? Fun? Education? Love? Energy?

No one wants to be around someone who is unhappy and fake. Everything you are looking for is right inside of you. No one is getting out of this world alive. Therefore, the time is NOW to live out your dreams. YOU CAN DO IT.

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