Happy March 1st!

If I could relive today.. everyday…. I would. 🙂

It was a VERY successful first day of A VERY IMPORTANT month! My birthday month. I can’t believe I am turning 23. It has been two years since my 21st!? I remember that day like it was yesterday. A beautiful, caring, wonderful women took me out that night since my parents were away! Thanks again Kayla Frank!

It goes to show you how TIME FLIES.

Before you know it, another year will have passed on… So be grateful each and everyday. Tomorrow is NEVER promised.

Today I woke up, had some cereal and coffee, and applied for a few jobs ( on my day off. 🙂 )

Then went to the gym, showered, and had a snack!

Then went tanning…..

and got my nails done!


I love black! 🙂

I went to Amazing Nails about a block from my house. 🙂 They were great!

Later on in the afternoon I did some shopping for a wonderful women’s birthday! Then parked myself on the Starbucks couch to do a little reflecting, card writing and blogging. 🙂


– Skinny Vanilla Latte
– Apple (not pictured, already eaten)
– Justin’s organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups
– Notebook and fresh market receipt

It was a great afternoon and I hope to relive this day again very soon! I believed I lived this day like it was my last! Lets hope it isn’t. 🙂

I am off to go celebrate a friends birthday! I spoiled her rotten because she deserves it. 🙂 Happy Birthday to anyone who has a March birthday like I do! It is one hell of a month. 🙂

❤ always Lauren xoxoxo ❤

2 thoughts on “Happy March 1st!

  1. Awww! It sounds like you had a wonderful day~ just enjoying the small pieces… sipping your coffee, feeling your fingers type out your blog entry. Those are some of my favorite moments :). Happy B-day~

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