Time is everything.

Time heals all. How do I know this?

Experience. The more I experience throughout life…The stronger you shall become! The more strength I have, the better.

This morning I enjoyed oatmeal in bed. On the side I had some peanuts (a nice healthy fat!) The fridge was EMPTY! Therefore, it was slim pickings! I think I did alright.

I made up for the lack of fruit this afternoon by picking up a few apples at the farmers market.

I walked a total of 7 miles today! (I clocked it.) The walk started out at the farmers market. I walked to SNHU (the college I attended.) I was able to visit for a little while! Before I knew it, it was already 3:00! I dug into the Odwalla bar I bought at the market and was on my way back to my car!


What a chilly but refreshing afternoon walk. 🙂

Later on I took a hot bath with a face mask and coffee. It was nice to have something to warm me up after such a chilly afternoon.

Dinner was consumed at the local pizza joint (owned by the uncle!) A buffalo chicken salad was ordered and devoured. Nom Nom Nom! 🙂

I cheated with some a lot of chocolate tonight but was balanced out with some Chobani!


My good old Pepere bought us a bunch!

Overall it was a good Saturday! Tomorrow will most likely be errands and relaxing! We will see.

What is the number one food you cheat with!?

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