Sunday Funday. My Monday!

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday Funday to you all.

It is my Monday. Instead of being upset about it I actually feel ahead of the game!

We all have complicated schedules at some point in our lives.

But the best is yet to come!

I had such a great weekend that work didn’t seem all that bad today. It has been busier then usual with New Year Resolutions. New members, more training sessions with the fitness instructor, more guests, and more fun! Instead of downing on all the newbie’s we should be congratulating them for completing the first step! Coming in and signing up. Even if they don’t get past the first month THEY TRIED. Maybe if more people were to acknowledge that and actually give them some recognition…. they wouldn’t quit. We were all new at some point right? Some actually do stick it out!!

Breakfast was a sprouted English muffin, Teddie peanut butter, strawberry banana non-fat yogurt, and a banana! NOT just ANY banana. The best banana I have had in a long time. Why? It was PERFECTLY ripe. So exciting! A handful of black dots=perfection. How do you enjoy your bananas?


In my life I have been down the road of only consuming 100 calories for breakfast. Although I lost a lot of weight this way… it isn’t something I will ever do again. In the long run, you always gain the weight back because of how much deprivation. As IIN suggests, you want to ENJOY a large enough breakfast that will get you through the morning WITHOUT hunger pains. How many calories you want to consume may be different for everyone!

(This is MY opinion and what I am learning from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am NOT a registered dietitian.)

Mid afternoon was a bunch of veggies, hummus, 1% milk and all natural cereal! I wasn’t very hungry but I stuck it out and still ate. I didn’t want a bunch of hunger pains later on tonight! I usually hate eating with no hunger pains but I understand how important it is to do now.


Later on that night I enjoyed a bunch of goodies! Moms beef stew, moms banana bread with a dollop of sunflower seed butter, 1% milk, and some fresh greens!!!! So goooood!!


The banana bread muffins were so tiny and moist!


Lastly, I wanted to do a product review. I am not in anyway promoting for Lush. I recently picked up a product while I was in Boston and have become obsessed and wanted to share my new found obsession with you!

I am a bath whore. I have always loved baths and face masks. A bath + a face mask= a perfect monring. Lush has all natural face masks. They are such great quality and smell delightful!

The one I picked up last weekend was cupcake. It is a chocolate mint treat for oily or spotty skin. So not only does it make your face soft it makes your face smell like chocolate!! I would say I have gotten great results!

The rest of my night is going to consist of The Notebook and relaxation! I hope you all had a fabulous Sunday Funday and enjoy the rssf of your night! 🙂


<3. L

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