Thank goodness it is Thursday!

Why you ask? Because it is really my Friday. 🙂

I work Sunday-Thursday.. So while everyone is having their Sunday-Funday I am ahead of the game having my Monday… It isn’t so bad.

It is SO cold here in good old New Hampshire. So cold that you don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. Like 0 degree weather cold! Ah! But the snow is pretty and I love heating the house with a wood stove at my parents house.

So tonight it looks like I am just relaxing, watching movies/shows and sipping on some Relax Riesling. 🙂


A new favorite wine!

Who is obsessed with the Big Bang Theory?! A new episode was on tonight and it made me CRACK UP! If you are a fan what is your favorite episode?!

Today was another good eats kind of day! I tend to have the same SORT of breakfast in the morning because 1. It is delicious 2. It includes four different food groups (balance) and 3. It keeps me full until lunch!


Today included a banana for the fruit, almond butter for the healthy fat, sprouted English muffin for the grain, and yogurt for the dairy!



It is definitely my go to breakfast! What is yours!?

Lunch was made by my mother! Sound weird to you? Well still living at home has its perks!

We started ‘Lunch Swap Thursday!’

What happens is that I pack my lunch and she packs hers.. Then we bring one another’s lunch box to work! I get her lunch and she gets mine. We have rules for one another but nothing extreme. My rule is that she must add a veggie to my lunch and she asked for ‘one snack to hers.’ We did good today! I loved my lunch….



And she claimed she loved hers too!! We know each other very well so it shouldn’t be too much of a disappointment every week. 😉 It will actually get us out of our comfort zones and it WILL be fun. 🙂

I must say my anxiety with food has been better then ever! Learning how to take each day by DAY really helps.

Lastly, dinner! I scooted by the store after work and got the essentials for the fam. However, I also stopped by The Fresh Market. It is a new store in Bedford and is absolutely amazing! So fresh, organic, and delicious! I got a loaf of bread and olives to pair with dinner. 🙂


Eggs, bread, salad, and milk! Another delicious meal to end my Friday Evening. 😉

Anything exciting or interesting going on in your neck of the woods!? What good eats have been on your menu!?

Sending lots of love…

<3. L

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