On To The Next One

2013… Wow! It makes you realize how FAST time goes by. It was just a year ago that my life was completely unorganized… And now? I’d say it is getting better and better everyday. 🙂

I have learnt SO much about myself, my interests, and my priorities. 🙂

I have learnt how much I THRIVE on a healthy, well BALANCED, and strict diet (lifestyle.) Including ALL the health benefits: dairy, meat, HEALTHY FATS, GRAIN, FRUIT, VEGETABLES, and sweets.
(I have always, always, always loved salad. However, I have taken important nutrients out of my diet… And I AM NOT willing to do that anymore! Nutritionist do know best.

I am happy to say 2013 has started off well. The adjustments I have been able to make for the benefit of ME have been AMAZING. A workout first thing in the morning. A hot bath and breakfast AT HOME. Breakfast should be large enough to get you through the morning without any hunger pains (as IIN suggests.) I must say that this schedule has put me on the right track EARLY in the day and I could definitely stick to a schedule like this for a long time. 🙂


I have learnt that…

My favorite foods consist of:
– Apples
– Bananas
– Salad
– Trail mix
– Nut butter ( peanut, almond, sunflower)
– Chicken
– Yogurt
– Sprouted English muffins
– Oatmeal
– Tuna
– Hummus

My favorite workout consists of:
60 min cardio (5 days a week)
30 min weight training (4 days a week)

Quotes to ponder on….

CHANGE CAN be made even when you have made some mistakes!!!!!

Choose 1 aspect of your life ( career, fitness, food, organization, friends) and make a positive change. When that is fixed…. Move on to the next aspect. Keep going and NEVER stop.

Priorities, priorities, priorities.


Would you either choose..MONEY or LOVE? Why? 🙂

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!


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