The start of a new year is like opening a brand new notebook. It feels fresh, clean, and mistake free.

This is how you should look at your life. No one has ever noted that it is wrong to simply forget all your mistakes, long as you have learnt from them. Right?

You are alloweed to start over. You are alloweed to grow. You are alloweed to FORGIVE and FORGET.

I think that sometimes we are scared to do right. We are scared to show our trule colors. We are scared of our own shadow! Why is that? Who knows.

But I also believe the older we get, the easier it becomes! This can be a POSITIVE with age!

Our actions have consequences. Therefore, this YEAR I am going to try my hardest to be completely aware of all my actions. ALL OF THEM.

Also, I will work on my STRENGTH.. both inside and out!


My eats were GREAT today.

Coffee, yogurt, banana, and an english muffin with nut butter.

Water, yogurt, vegtables w/hummus, and all natural crackers.


Dinner: TBD

How was the second day of January for you!?

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