Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello everybody! It is Christmas Eve already! I can’t believe a whole year has already gone by. I am sooo glad I took today off! I was able to hit the gym nice and early and come home to a hot bath and yummy breakfast! Which consisted of my usual… Sprouted English muffin, nut butter, yogurt and fruit. So light and filling!!


This morning I finished my oreo truffles for my aunts Ultimate Holiday Party!




What do you think? According to my brother.. They were delicious!! I hope the family loves them!

This morning I also picked up some flowers for my mom. I went to the Farm and Flower Market that I use to work at!


Beautiful!!! 😊

The rest of my agenda includes lunch, christmas movies, cleaning, getting ready for the party, and the party of course!! 🙂

I am super excited because my aunt is making her famous Pita!!! It is a Greek dish that is to die for!! Feta, noodles, pizza dough,… Need I say more!? Ah I can’t wait!! 🙂

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and don’t work too hard and actually get to enjoy yourselves. 😉I know we all have a problem with that sometimes…☺

Most of all….



…and no one else!!!!!! 😁

❤. L

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