The wind is very loud today. While I sit my parents home office and listen to the wind I think to myself “life is beautiful… Everything is made up…. EVERYTHING. In the end.. we all work with one another. Each one of us plays a role and what you make of life.. is what you get. 

It is your choice if you would rather play in the game.. or just watch.

I have done both. You have to take turns. You need the balance of playing and watching.

Time is money. We have to remember that. I for one love the mentality of just doing it. But sometimes I wonder if patiently waiting for something is okay too.

You just have to trust YOURSELF and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Today has been good. I am listening to what my course at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has to say and taking action in my own life. I am looking further down the road and helping myself NOW instead of waiting till it’s too late.

Take action and make a plan with your health now so you don’t have to deal with it later. It doesn’t have to be hard.. spending a little time each  day to sweat, relax and nourish is all you need.

Primary food plays a bigger role then most people think.

The attitude and mood of someone can play a crucial role in someones life. EVERYTHING matters. 


Why is it that if people KNOW and UNDERSTAND what it is they have to do to be happy… they sit back and do nothing. Fear? Stubbornness?  Anxiety?

There is always a reason WHY and those that try and understand/help may be a lot happier then those sitting back and never asking WHY. Educate yourself instead of becoming bitter!

I know I am not FINANCIALLY independent right now. But I do how to be when the time is right. I am actually paying attention to everything around me. My health is much more important then whether or not I am under my parents roof or not. I AM 22 and there is plenty of time to be completely on my own. I have tried and that is all that matters. I am technically still learning and I would rather be in a comfortable environment while doing so. Who I am with on this journey called life… DOES MATTER.

I DO NOT need to actually do something to proof the love and intelligence I have for myself….



WE CAN take chances, make mistakes, get wet!….. 

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