LIFE IS MADE UP. It all started small and became this huge GAME. It doesn’t have to be this HUGE CONTEST. We can all live life the way we want and just follow the rules right? But it becomes an unfocused mess. When does the madness stop?

It doesn’t…. You just have to let go, be free, and live by your own rules. Live by what majority wants and does right?!

Sometimes I go to the extreme and not care about life at all. Then.. I go to the other extreme and take life too seriously. Is there ever a happy medium??

Well I came up with a conclusion. Life is way too short to be anything but happy.

I had an AMAZING childhood. Heck, I have had an amazing life. Sometimes I get discouraged, become obsessed and unfocused. Think to myself that I am not good enough or get afraid that I will do something wrong. I think EVERYONE thinks this way at one point.

Nothing is perfect in life. We all make choices. We all make mistakes. We are all human. It’s what you do with your life and how you think that matters. We all have the choice to do good and be good.

NO ONE is stupid. NO ONE is perfect. The knowledge we all have is what we have used our time doing (that is what we know and are what were good at.) We can’t compare ourselves to people who may have had more understanding/kind teachers.

There is so much to know and do in life. But we have to pick and choose. We can’t do it all.

I get carried away at times. I become unfocused. But that doesn’t mean I or anyone else like me is stupid.

I have to make a promise to myself. I have to understand that I will NEVER be perfect.

My focus is to learn and teach. To be patient/kind/organized. To NEVER stop learning and trying new/fun things.


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