I’m back

It’s been a crazy year like I’ve mentioned before. I have done a lot, learnt a bunch, and have had some fun.

Id say it has been both good and bad.

I have learnt the difference between wanting something and needing something. I’d say I now know what it is I need and not necessarily what I want. I need family, good friends, my health, a safe place to live and time for myself. What I want? A job I can stand, a supportive relationship, my own family, and a fun/adventurous life.

I would also like to help/motivate individuals with their health goals. As a student for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I believe I can do a fantastic job motivating people to change their eating and exercise habits! All it takes is a little discipline and planning. I’d also love to be here for women who have been through the same kind of lifestyle I have been through. A world of food/exercise obsession through bad planning/organization.

Right now? I am just living, loving and laughing. 🙂

Questions about what I can offer to you? Email me 🙂 Paradismlauren@gmail.com



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