Why stop running?

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been missing in action.. what a crazy year it has been. 🙂

I am getting back into my work out routine. More cardio, less fatty foods.. you get the picture. :p

Cardio is amazing, why I ever stopped.. is beyond me! 

My cross country coach once said.. never stop.. you wont be able to get back into it!! 🙂

The high you get from it is AMAZING.

The older I get.. the more I can FOCUS.. the more I pay attention to the world and how miserable everyone is ALL THE TIME. Why is it so hard to just be happy with what you have? Find something you love doing AND JUST DO IT. Stop thinking so much about what you could have done, could have been, etc etc.. and just be. All I care about is seeing others happy and so of course.. I listen to them. I do whatever it takes to see others happy. But of course.. it resolves in screwing up my own system. But hey.. you live and learn right?!

You find out what makes you the happiest down the road. You find out your own meaning of life. It isn’t the same for everyone. Whatever makes you feel good, go and do!! You can’t be good at EVERYTHING. You pick and choose. 🙂

Overcoming my struggles and making my own goals is what it is all about. Not what my parents or friends want. It’s what I WANT.

What are you focusing on and achieving right now?! 

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