Becoming a better person, in your own life.

How you look at your life is extremely important. We all want to be happy. However, what brings one person happiness may do nothing to someone else. We are all veryyy different.

We are all our own kind of guinness. We all know something different.

How we look at life depends on how happy we will be. Luckily, I am over all a pretty optimistic person. I like to make others happy!!

But I have also realized that making myself happy and healthy is also very important.

I own my happiness and life. Nothing or no one will take it away. However, I also have to understand that my past choices will always be with me as a learning experience.

The more experiments you make on yourself, the better. Staying the same person throughout your life means that you didn’t trust yourself enough. You didn’t have the right motivation to go further with your life and that is ok. We are all amazing by just making the best out of things.

I have learnt that people are jealous, hurtful, and immature no matter where you go in life. It’s how you handle it that matters.

I have learnt that without the right ‘teacher’ it’s hard to reach your dreams. I have also learnt that you can become that teacher all on your own.

I have learnt that there is no going back in time. We all make mistakes no matter what. What we think we become. It is as simple as that.

Nothing lasts a lifetime. The memories you create is what makes life worth living.

Do not let anyone bring down your dreams. They obviously are too scared to make it happen for themselves and too jealous to let someone else achieve them.

Your in control. No one else. Do not listen to others so easily, how are they suppose to know what is best for you?

I have learnt to listen but not act each time I believe others know what is best for me.

Never ever regret. You have needed all your choices and experiences to create the person you are today.

Never base your life on the past. Never base your life on someone else. Be true to you and give all you can to your future.

Own it. Be true to it. It’s your life and it is the only one you got!!

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