A day in the life of Lauren


How are you all today?

I have been getting back into a routine and it feels great!

Although I still have a lot of work to do (practicing good, healthy habits..) I can say I am doing much better.

What I have concluded is that if we all continue (the world) judging our lives on others or everyone else we will continue to think our lives are miserable. But if we focus on what is around us (in this moment)(family, love, health) then there is nothing more to want. As the saying goes…

“Once I stopped judging my happiness by other’s lives…I became happier…”

It’s so true and that is honestly how I faced all my problems.. head on and by building back up my confidence in myself! Which I had once before I started listening to others.. Think about how long it takes to drain someone from themselves (bullying, etc) Well it takes just as long to build it back up!

Although I get bored easily and don’t like things the same ALL the time.. IT DOES HELP having a routine. Now that I am back home it’s been MUCH more comfortable and relaxing.

I FINALLY made my own peanut butter with the spare time I have been having!


I also have been watching boy meets world. What great lessons they teach! We should all go back and re watch the episodes.. maybe we will re learn how life is suppose to be (stress free and bully free!)

I think we are all equal. I love everyone. But not everyone feels that way.

A lot of people want to change that about me. It has been that way for a while. In the past people walked all over me because I wouldn’t hurt a fly.. I didn’t know I could stand up for myself in a nice way.

Now? I have learnt how to stand up for myself. How to be myself. How to prove that there ARE NICE PEOPLE in this world. Who would give all to others so they could be happy.

There are happy people in this world, and then there are people who need the help to be happy.

I found happiness a long time ago. I looked for happiness in creative ways. Unfortunately, my happiness and confidence was taken away for a very long time. I missed out on things most kids do. But that is okay with me. I have helped others along the way.

I understand I should be using this time to heal from all the damaged I did to myself. I get that.

I am already healing..

But something is still missing. I have always had something to control.. whether it be my diet, others, money.. and now I learnt to control myself instead.

Controling YOURSELF is one of the hardest things to learn for people like me! People who want to control something else besides themselves..

For now I am going to put my creativity to work. Whether it be by organizing my belongings, creating food dishes, and just finding fun ways to live.

Since that is the point of life right?!







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