Happy Tuesday

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a while since we have communicated with one another. My computer is sick and I have been using my parents.

It has taken time to settle back in from my little trip to Texas.

Getting back into your own routine after being in a relationship for a while and going so far away is difficult! Especially being so low to the ground.

Climbing back up even with bumps and bruises is most important! Knowing that family, friends and loved ones are there makes for a better trip back up the mountain!

I have gained weight since last summer. I have binged, made a lot of mistakes, cried, suffered, however I am still here. I know who I am and changing isn’t something I can nor want to do.

My soul was taken away for a little while. Someone wanted to change a lot about me. Someone wanted to take away the most wonderful thing about me- my heart.

Changing for someone isn’t something we should be doing on this earth. The way we are makes us unique and special. It completes someone else who doesn’t have those special qualities. We are special in our own way. We all want to do something in this crazy world.

Finding out what makes us special is key. It’s the first thing we have to do! Some of us find it earlier then others. It doesn’t matter when we find ourselves… as long we find it. Because once we do that.. we can then offer our services to the world! 

A lot of my struggles happened in order to find myself. I never had a problem being me- problems happen when someone who doesn’t love who I am tries to control me. I have always been the helpful, kind, loving, funny, crazy, and fun girl. But others would try and put me down for it. Who knows why?

Although I have struggled, I am thankful for the awareness I now have. Before I had no idea what I was doing/saying. But now I can help and motivate others because I DO HAVE THE INFORMATION. I can make things right!

So sorry for being away for so long. As you know it takes a lifetime to create a life and there is no time limit. As long as your enjoying and loving life as you are creating it! 🙂

What I have been doing:

Practicing time management:

05:15 AM- Cardio
07:00 AM- Bath and apple
08:00 AM- Coffee, peanut butter English muffin and Boy Meets World
09:00 AM- Tv, Music, Computer
11:00 AM- Carrots/Hummus
12:00 PM- Lunch
01:00 PM-3:00- Personal work/Get ready for work
03:00 PM- Planet Fitness/Dinner/Snacks
09:00 PM- Raisins (sugar boost!)/Weights 
10:00 PM- Bed 

This is a rough schedule of my life right now.. it is always changing. But finding yourself again (after a somewhat draining relationship is hard!)

But there is always positive in everything, lessons learnt and life always goes on.

What have you been doing to stay healthy? What has your life looked life lately?! 

3 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Love this! 🙂 Definitely so important to make sure you don’t give up yourself to impress others! Lately I have been working a lot but on my days off I have been dividing my workouts in two so I do cardio during one gym visit and weights at another. Loving it. 🙂

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