We are all different, yet completely and utterly the same.

Humans are amazing. We are all so different.. yet completely and utterly the same.

We all strive for attention, comfort, happiness and love. Just in different ways.

We all struggle with something. Whether it be obsessive thoughts, depression, anxiety,– we aren’t perfect. Not even one of us.

We all have special talents as well. We are all smart in our own unique ways. We all play a role in life- whether it be a manager, creator, planner, etc… Who are you in your family? The manager? The planner?

Until you find out what you are good at, it’s hard to live. It’s hard to understand.

Find yourself- free yourself. You can’t do it when you are around others. Give yourself time. Even if it’s difficult or feels uncomforable.

I found myself, then lost it. More then once. But each time I lost it– it brought me closer to who I was and I became more aware. I became more aware of what works for me, what interests me and what I want.

It’s interesting.. I never thought this moment would come. Yet, I still have a lot of work to do. Life is work. Life is about learning. It’s also about making memories.

Like making homemade jelly with my mom and best friend.

Would anyone like a recipe?!

Sometimes I am hard on myself. But then I remember how much work I have done for myself. To live a some-what balanced life. I practice good habits. I practice positive thinking. I want to live happily and I know it takes work.

I am a girl of meaning. I like things that have a meaning behind it. Whether it be jewlerly, clothing.. if it has meaning.. it has my heart.

Take this ring I found yesterday.

The one on my middle finger is the one I bought. I rarely like to treat myself.. but I saw it and automatically loved it. That is usually how it goes. It has to come natural. The ring means daughter. I am a daughter of a beautiful and lovely women. It has meaning and already has my heart. ❤

I am waking up early again. My mother and I are back to our old ways that worked for us. Early morning gym sessions. Which gives me my whole day before I go into work at 3. Which means I can enjoy my hot bath when I get home, some tv, errands, blogging, and so much more. I feel like myself again.

What keeps you from doing what you want? Do you tend to change for others?

I am also back to the diet that works best from me. Low fat– carbs, fat free milk, salads, beans, ….

I feel best when enjoying those foods. Then of course the occasional treat on the weekends. 🙂

Does it take you a while to back on your feet after a relationship?

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