Friday the 13th!

Hey everyone!

It is Friday the 13th.. what does this mean?! Does anyone take this day seriously?

My mom is lucky.. she gets to celebrate her birthday on Friday the 13th!! Whoo! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I did a work out this morning. Just an easy elliptical workout. I was quite sore from yesterday!

I saw this picture on facebook this morning. I really admire it and think it’s crucial for everyone to think about at some point. We are all in this world together. The more we love, understand and respect one another, the better!

Learn to love. Learn to travel down your own path. Most importantly, help someone instead of shooting them down. Years later, you will regret you ever hurt someone and wish you helped them instead!

As I always say.. learn what works for you. What someone else is doing (exercise, diet, etc) could be completely opposite of what YOU need. Your life isn’t the same as theirs. What makes them who they are and the choices they make is based on their life.. NOT YOURS. You have to decide what is best for you and will help you grow into the person you want to be.

So experiment, live, and cherish who you are. You are just as special as anyone else. You have already accomplished a lot! 🙂

Happy Friday!!!  

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