Routine Day 2

Hello everyone!

Today is a new day. I woke up late since I needed to catch up on some sleep.

A friend brought me to the gym to try a new workout. It was a mix between cardio and weights. It was great to work out with someone who is just as passionate as I am about healthy living.

Remember, don’t ask yourself what will make you happy. You just have to live the best way you know how.  

 Try your hardest! But don’t do something you don’t want to do.

Today.. I ran an 8 minute mile! Do you know how long it has been since I tested myself?! Forever.

I did my body good today by pushing and testing my limits. That is all I can ask for!

I want to remind women that life doesn’t have to be hard. Life doesn’t have to be about having it all. It can be about knowing who you are, what you want and what the best thing FOR YOU is.

All areas of life is important. Not just your workout, body, or diet. Love, romance, career, and family is just as important.

I am a sucker for love and I have been searching for it all wrong. I have been involved in relationships that weren’t good for me. Remember, don’t pick the best guy. Pick the the guy that will make you the best girl.

Color is needed in this world and I have seen so many women lose their light and color because of a man. Their creativity, energy and enthusiasm sucked away to fit the needs of their man. Same goes for a man of energy and light…. they were changed to fit the needs of their women. There are “crazies” in this world. But without them, we wouldn’t have the world.

Be free, be crazy, be enthusiastic, be happy, be energized and don’t change yourself for someone else.

Do what works for you and get excited about it!

Workout-  ✓
Coffee-  ✓

Now I am searching for jobs, blogging, commenting on posts, researching jeeps (I am looking to get a new vehicle), spending useless time on facebook, listening to sports on the tv (ew) and eating some grapes…

I got hired at planet fitness to stay around and watch people work out. What could be better? I am paying attention to all the wonderful people who want to improve their life by releasing some energy and gain muscle! This aligns with my dream as a (health coach!) I will be going in at 3.. this leaves me plenty of time for myself!

Day by day ladies. Find things that interest you.. and go do it! Don’t settle for less. 🙂 

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