Routine Day 1!

IIN explains over and over how important it is to have balance.

I can 100% agree with this from experience.

Finding the primary foods that you are missing out on is crucial.


When I began to binge I was in an unhealthy relationship, had a job that didn’t fulfill me, and was just unhappy. I unfortunately have a hard time saying no and disappointing people. Pleasing MYSELF isn’t my strong suit. However, that has all changed!

IIN has really taught me that things go wrong for a reason! Weight gain, sickness, stress, anger, etc is a way for individuals to gain control when they feel they don’t have any when involved in an uncomfortable situation. Make sense?

For instance.. I have never been a tooth pick. I have never been super skinny. However, it had never bothered me before.. up until I gave away control. To either a sport I didn’t like, or an individual.

Cross country was fun but when I became obsessed with being skinny, it stressed me out and I gave the control away. When I got into an uncomfortable relationship…again I gave myself away. I was secretly unhappy!

But I always take it as a learning experience and sometimes.. learning experiences can be hard and discomforting.

As long as we don’t make the same mistake twice right?! 😉

Sometimes we also have to do what doesn’t entirely make us happy. However, most importantly.. we can tweak it to fit our personality!

I don’t LOVE working out but from experience I know how important it is. I am very active and love keeping busy so I am find ways to realize energy but in a fun way!

I HATE IRONING.. but I try and make it “fun” in anyway possible.

You have to change the way you think. You have to change the way you look at the world. You have to LEARN how you “work” and really make yourself happy WHILE making others happy.

I knew all this but I tend to “lose myself” under stress or when my primary food isn’t being filled.

It is unfortunate how well I knew myself a few years ago.. without even realizing I did. I just went with my heart and everything worked out.

I am putting my foot down and NOT letting myself lose control again. It hurts me AND hurts the ones I love.

However, because of all the experiences.. I have became stronger. I have become more knowledgeable. I CAN help others in ways I love because I have gone through the experience myself.

What could be better?!

Today’s workout:

45 minutes on the treadmill.
6.0 speed 30 minutes
Increasing and decreasing the last 10 minutes.
5 minute cool down.


= 1 hour. Sounds fun to me!

Time management is also CRUCIAL. You do NOT have to yes to everyone and everything. My next post will educate you on HOW I can make it work!

Have a splendid day!  ❤ ❤
….and remember know one knows what the hell we are doing here!!!! 
SO make sure you LAUGH at some point too!

but I tend to forget sometimes too…. 😉

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