Getting back into routine

Most people wait until a new year to get back into routine or back into their “groove.”

I wanted to share with you what I have learnt in the past year, what obstacles I had to overcome, and the new routine I plan on taking.

A year ago I was in great shape,  extremely happy, had a great job with great friends, a great diet that worked for me, an ok exercise plan, and even a summer romance.

There was nothing more I needed!

I have learnt to really love what I have and not always want more. However, my nature is to always want and do/learn more. 

I was still obsessive about my diet but I was learning to take control.

Unfortunately, after the summer ended I got into a new relationship. I tend to always want what I can’t have. The relationship wasn’t ideally what I wanted but for some reason I always get what I need. 

The relationship ended before I left for Texas. We were polar opposites and it just wasn’t working out for a long time. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything. I learnt the most I have in a while in just this past year. I went through A LOT of ups and downs.. but I assume the hard part is now over. I challenged myself a lot and I now I hope to use and share what I have learnt effectively.

Over the course of the relationship I lost a lot of confidence in my ability to do things. I am always the one that just does something, and takes chances. However, I got into the habit of asking others opinion before I try or do something. That just isn’t me at all! I am always the rebellious one doing things without permission. Or at least I thought I was!  With that being said.. I got in the habit of doing what others told me to do or what I was reading. I went through so many diet phases and even started binge eating which I wasn’t doing before! That is what a lot of thinking time will do to you! I had the control and then I lost it.  

This doesn’t mean I haven’t learnt a lot about myself or others. I always look at the positive and I always reach for the stars!

In the past year: July 2011-July 2012
( In no particular order.. this is what I have learnt and done!)
– I had a summer fling! 
– Dated a guy that was polar opposite. (I learnt how to take things slow, be content with what I have, and became more knowledgeable of obsessions and habits.)
– Tried a variety of lifestyle diets (a lot of which IIN teaches us.. such as RAW, VEGAN, PALEO.)
– Tried 2 months of HOT YOGA.
– Tried out the LiveFit program and made some AWESOME Pumpkin Protein Bars.
– Found a new way to enjoy oatmeal- overnight oats!
Got a feel of what it was like to live in Austin, Texas
– Got my feet wet with living on my own !
– Tried out a “desk job” and found out it wasn’t for me.
– Graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.
– Made some awesome Youtube videos!
– Met some new friends both online and at my job!
– Became a FitFluential ambassador!
– Dyed my hair back to blonde!

– Created a horrible amazing peanut butter obsession! (I recently have tried Central Market‘s all natural peanut butter! It’s bomb!)
– Enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition so I can share my passion for healthy living with others!
Stopped a desk job that was draining me. 
Sold all my belongings and car in Austin, Texas. :/
– Got a job at planet fitness the day after I went in and applied!            
– I enjoy setting goals for myself.
– Confidence attracts and everyone is insequre in their own way.
– Rule: YOU CAN NOT just let yourself go when you are in a relationship!
– Most importantly, I learnt a lot about myself. Why I obsess about the things I do, and what I truly want out of life. In order to fully understand yourself you have to learn to be alone. A year ago, I couldn’t do that. Now I feel more confident and stronger about who I am and what I want. That feeling of being alone doesn’t last forever and it is worth it I promise you.

What I wish someone told me earlier: Dear 22 year old Lauren, you are a rock star with an outstanding mind. You have to embrace it and let it think for itself! Your doing bigger and amazing things!  It will never be perfect. Keep your confidence up because people are waiting for you to fail. So what if you can’t do it all. Your going at the pace that fits you. Balance out your life. Life is about memories and experiences and money doesn’t buy that! C0mpare yourself to YOURSELF. Sad does not attract people, so smile!

Also… I for one love money. But I also have learnt it can’t buy confidence or experiences. Individuals at a higher level may look all glamerous and flashy, however they also may lack experience in a different part of their life. Relationships, family, relaxing, etc. If you can’t balance it all and master one level, you shouldn’t be moving up! Master the balance on one level, and then sloooowly move up to another. 🙂

Here is to a fresh start.

2 thoughts on “Getting back into routine

  1. Beautiful post. This—->”I went through so many diet phases and even started binge eating which I wasn’t doing before! That is what a lot of thinking time will do to you! I had the control and then I lost it.” is where I have been for about a year now as well. I need a change.

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