Why you have to hit the ground, before you can move forward.

Why do people often say you have to hit the bottom before you can start moving up in life? Does this usually happen as quickly at age 22?

Sure does. Sometimes it happens younger then that. Teenagers getting pregnant? We all have to mature and some will do it younger then others.

I hit rock bottom, but I had to in order to move on.

A year ago I was doing really well. I was in shape, eating well, and most of my “circle of life” as IIN calls it was being fulfilled. A fun job, a place to live, family, a good work out routine, and a healthy diet that worked well for me. But I wasn’t over the “obsessing” part of my diet. I still thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up the diet and work out routine for the rest of my life.

Once I got into another relationship it went back down hill. I was trying to be changed and “tamed” by a guy once again. I AGAIN fell into an unhealthy trap and slowly disappeared from myself. This has ALREADY happened before so I should have known better.

I did some what know better considering that I got out of it 8 months later. However, extremely bad habits followed me. Followed me all the way to Texas that is!

I thought Texas (a new experience, state) was what I wanted. After completing four years of college while battling an eating disorder/obsessions I thought it would help me break away…

It definitely helped me with my anxiety of being alone. It actually makes you realize a lot about yourself (being alone all the time.) So there was a lot of positive that came out of it!

It did make me realize how much “I don’t need” to survive since I had to leave EVERYTHING there. I decided that a new state wasn’t the answer I was looking for so I was driving home and my tire flew off. I ended up selling my car and flying home as my car was not worth fixing.

However, I love not owning anything, for now anyway. I don’t own a smart phone, and now I don’t own a car. You can feel bad, but it’s secretly what I want for the time being.

Moral of this is that YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW YOURSELF unless you have taken the time to be with yourself. Being alone, facing your fears, etc.

Currently, I am doing a lot of work on myself, while focusing on IIN. I couldn’t focus being so far away from home and I love having the support of my family.


I realized that the hard way… I have tried everything! Lifting, biking, yoga, running, walking, doing nothing. The experience has helped me discover that what I was doing a year ago (diet and exercise) was perfect. It was what I loved doing and I was able to keep it up long term (which to me is the most important aspect of any lifestyle.) It’s a lifestyle not a diet!

I have so much experience and practice with “life coaching” and I can’t wait to help others rediscover themselves and feel amazing. It’s taken me a long time and a lot of courage, and I know it’s possible for everyone to achieve their dreams, no matter what they are!

Don’t let the negativity of others bring you down, ….unfortunately… there are individuals out there looking to bring others down to their level! So, Be strong! Smile! Laugh!

❤ always Lauren

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